Bethel Motor Speedway is pleased to announce the formation of the speedway’s Hall of Fame Historical Committee. The speedway which was built back in 1959 was originally a farm meadow along a rural route on the outskirts from town. The speedway ran as as dirt track the first season and the track was paved for the following season in 1960. The track became known as White Lake Speedway for many years before going through several name changes such as Sullivan County Speedway, Kauneonga Speedway, Catskill Mountain Speedway, and know the current name of Bethel Motor Speedway.

Speedway Promoter / Race Controller Mike Hager states “I think it is very important that we recognize the history of the speedway and the individuals who participated there in the past” he added “We must not forget our past at the speedway, we need to be able to teach the new generations of racers and fans what this speedway is all about along with sharing along the race memories that we cherish”. In order to do just that, Hager went about to establish a Historical Committee with the intention of electing the first set of Hall of Famers to be inducted into the Hall of Fame during our Dick Crumley Memorial “Nostalgia Night” which is scheduled for Saturday, September 16th at the speedway.

Another historical element that Hager has brought back to the speedway is the return of the “Sullivan County 100” for 2017. The race was the most important event of the season back during the White Lake Speedway era. The return of the event this year has a new twist as it is now for the open wheeled BMS Modified type cars which is different than the full fendered version from years ago. The “Sullivan County 100” will be competing for $2,000 to win during our “Rocktoberfest” which is our last night of the racing season. “Rocktoberfest” will be held on Saturday, October 28th.

The Historical Committee members who have been selected is Ken Atkins Sr, Jerry Curry, Mike Hager, Doug Ketcham, Dale Morton, & Gary O’Donnell. The members will work together throughout the year to preserve the History of White Lake Speedway along with voting in the first set of inductees into the newly formed Hall of Fame.

During the 2017 race season, racers and fans are encouraged to nominate former successful racers, car owners, crew chiefs, & officials from the speedway to the current committee members. Just remember, the speedway has been around for 57 years so there is a lot of stellar individuals to account for.

The race season is quickly approaching as we watch the snow melting away. Come check us out on our free general admission Practice Nights at 4pm scheduled for April 8th & April 15th. Also Legends and Bandolero will be in competition on those nights. Northeast Vintage Modified Twin 20’s & 40 Lap Enduro $400 to win (Based on 15 car entries) is also scheduled for April 15th.

Our Opening Day is scheduled for Saturday, April, 22nd with all classes in competition. Bethel Motor Speedway is the place to be in 2017! Support your grassroots racing short track! Let’s make history!


Bethel Motor Speedway is pleased to announce an incentive program based on each divisions car count and rewarding the top finishing drivers of that night.

Known as the “18 & Over Bonus Loot” it allows the top finishing drivers to earn additional dollars on top of their regular position purse pay when 18 or more cars start their respective divisions designated feature event.

For example if 18 Sportsman cars start their main feature, it will allow for that events feature winner to earn $600 instead of their normal $ 500. Second Place would jump up from $200 to $300, and Third Position would go from $150 to $200. Speedway Promoter / Race Controller Mike Hager is excited to see this program in place. ” This incentive program rewards our racers when a great car count is achieved and will make a driver’s victory much more hard earned, so why not sweeten the pot and make Victory Lane even more savory and celebratory! ”

General Manager Paul Degracia also believes in this incentive program as well. “The 18 & Over Victory Loot incentive is a productive way to reward our racers who work hard on their cars each week to get them to the track”. “If a class brings in 18 or more cars, I have no problem with putting in an added bonus for the top finishers as it is tough to beat 17 other cars on a 1/4 mile track.”

The classes that are included in the 18 & Over Bonus Loot incentive program is Sportsmen, BMS Modifieds, Legends, Pro Stocks, Street Stocks, & both Four Cylinder Pure Stock Classes.
Sportsmen will be 1.600 2.300 3.200; BMS Modifeds: 1.350 2.250 3.200; Legends: 1.350 2.200 3.150; Pro Stocks: 1.325 2.150 3.125; Street Stocks: 1.225 2.100 3. 75. Four Cylinder Classes will also see an increase as well.

The “18 & Over Bonus Loot” incentive program is in effect for regular division races only. It is not in effect for races considered a special or races which already have an elevated purse structured into it.

Weekly purse structure from last season will be maintained again for the 2017 race season. The purses have not been cut in anyway.

The much anticipated season opener is set for Saturday, April 22nd all classes will be in action. If you want to see some pre-season action, come out to the track for FREE grandstand admission for our Practice Nights which are to begin at 4pm.

On April 8th, Legends and Bandoleros will be running races along with practice for all other classes.

April 15th finds the Northeast Vintage Modifieds coming in to run Twin 20’s, plus our first Enduro of the year. The Enduro will be 40 laps and will pay $400 to win based on 15 car entries. INEX Legends & Bandoleros will also be in competition on that day as well. All other classes will be practicing on this day as well

The 2017 race season is shaping up to be an exciting one as many past drivers are returning along with new drivers coming in to compete at Bethel Motor Speedway!

Official Pace Car for 2017 at Bethel Motor Speedway

Bethel Motor Speedway along with Affordable Home Improvements is pleased to announce that the Dawn Roemer owned Pace Car will be returning to the speedway for the 2017 race season.

The beautiful pace car which is a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder is able to pace the field due to the kind support of Affordable Home Improvements based in Callicoon, NY. Affordable Home Improvements is a small family owned company which has been operated by local Hometown Hero racer Brian Bauerfeind for the past 16 years. The business specializes in home renovations, deck & patio construction, along with performing many forms of landscaping. Affordable Home Improvements serves the Orange & Sullivan Counties in New York along with providing services in Wayne County, Pennsylvania as well. If you desire to make an addition, start a renovation, set up that patio you always wanted, or spruce up your property please call 845-701-7897 to set up for a free estimate. No need for liability worries as Affordable Home Improvement is also fully insured and bonded to perform the necessary work at your home or property.

For 2017, the Pace Car will have an even more integral role at the speedway as it will be pacing the field more often this year. Another unique fun twist that no other speedway is currently doing, is that on most nights the speedway will have a guest host, who normally is a past successful racer from the Northeast region of racing. The speedway guest host will perform the tasks of pacing the fields with the pace car for the night in addition to being interviewed by our speedway announcer, taking part in fan activities, and perhaps even waving the Green Flag on the flagstand. Any former drivers from any Northeast track that are interested in being a guest host for the night is to contact or message the Speedway so we can schedule a night.

The 2017 race season is counting down the days to begin. The excitement is building, please come check out the action at Bethel Motor Speedway. Race fans take advantage of the free grandstand admission for scheduled practice nights of April 8th & April 15th. Also on April 8th will be Legends & Bandolero races. April 15th practice will also include a 40 Lap $400 to Win 4 Cyl. /6 Cyl. Enduro (Based on 15 car entries) plus Twin 20’s for Northeast Vintage Club Modifieds.

April 22nd will be Opening Day at Bethel Motor Speedway with all classes in action on that day. Stay tuned for more exciting news coming soon from the speedway!

Street Stocks get Sweeter at Bethel; High Paying Race Added to Schedule

Bethel Motor Speedway in conjunction with Strictly Z/TA Ebay Store & is pleased to announce that a high paying street stock race has been added to the Saturday, September 23rd card.

The race will be titled as the Strictly Z/TA Ebay Store “Detroit Iron 25”. The 25 lap featured event will pay $500 to win. Also included on this night will be a 6 Lap Dash For Cash for the top six finishing drivers from their heat races (Top 3 from each heat). The Dash For Cash is presented by and will pay $100 to the winner of the 6 Lap Dash.

The events sponsors wanted to do something special for the street stocks at Bethel Motor Speedway. Stating “The street stocks put on one heck of a show at the track, they are an exciting bunch of drivers to watch”. “Our businesses is in relation to the street stock class as well as we specialize in selling new, reconditioned, and used GM car parts for Camaros, Firebirds, Trans-Am, Novas, Monte Carlos, Grand Prix etc.” Also stating “We are putting on the event later in the season in hopes of also attracting some street stocks from other tracks, I’d like to see them come and battle head to head with Bethel’s best drivers it should be an exciting show. It’s a great track they have here!”

Strictly Z/TA is located in Denver NC, right near RACE CITY USA!!!!
We strive to satisfy our customers and assist them in each step of there parts needed for there GM Muscle Car! We ship all over the world.

Strictly Z/TA has many 1970-2002 Firebird,Trans am,Formula,Camaro and z28 used GM parts. What you need for your restoration project we will mostly likely have in stock!!
We have all types of interior and exterior parts! It is impossible to list all that we have!

We also buy parts or even parts cars anything from 1967-2002 Firebird,Trans am,Formula,Camaro and z28!
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Now we even sell some used OEM GM 5th Gen Camaro interior,exterior and LS parts!

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All inventory is in organized! If local buyers would like to visit the store during the week or even after work hours or Saturday or Sundays, that would be fine, just let us know a head of time.

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Bethel Motor Speedway’s April 22nd Opening Day is approaching quickly, it is going to be an exciting year for the Street Stocks! Come be a part of the action !

Special Events for the Street Stocks is as followed:

Sat. May, 27th. “Moc-A-Tek Memories” Pole Shot Position Woodstocker Qualifier.

Sun. June, 25th. “Catskill Clash” Twin 20’s Woodstocker Qualifiers for each winner (6th & 9th Starting Position)

Sat. July 1st. “Firecracker” Pole Shot Position Woodstocker Qualifier

Sat. July 29th. “Street Stock Stampede” $500 to Win (40 Laps)

Sun. Aug 6th. “Woodstocker” 1,069 to Win (40 Laps)

Sat. Sept 23rd. Strictly Z/TA “Detroit Iron 25” $500 to Win (25 Lap) plus 6 Lap/ 6 Car Dash For Cash $100 to win presented by

Sat. Oct. 28th. “Street Stock Shootout Series” (40 Laps)


Bethel Motor Speedway is pleased to announce that track official Robert Kachelreiss has been elevated to the position of Facilities Coordinator.
Robert came aboard at the speedway back in 2012 and quickly learned the ropes of what goes on at a speedway on race day. He has proven to be a hard worker at the track and rarely misses a week. He has learned how to do several functions at the speedway but his specialties are in the safety and well being for all of the participants at the speedway. Rob has been involved in Fire service for the past 18 years and involved in EMT services for the past 11 years. Professionally he works as an EMT at Mobile Medic Services and also volunteers his time at a local fire dept.
Rob’s main responsibilities in the new position will be tending to the track surface by making sure it is in race ready conditions. He will also be one of the first responding to accident scenes on the track and checking the conditions of the drivers. Rob will also be coordinating with the other EMT’s, track safety crew, track security, and tow vehicle services which is provided by Skelly’s Towing. Among many other tasks, he also will be lending his voice and expertise on the Raceceiver for the new younger driver classes such as Beginner Bandoleros, Bandoleros, Rookie Sportsman, & Legends.
Rob will also continue spearheading our yearly tradition of our 9/11 Memorial Tribute to remember all of those who we lost on that tragic day in 2001. Also on this night the speedway will be paying tribute to the late Jimmy Shields who passed away unexpectedly last Autumn. Jimmy was also an EMT & Firefighter who also raced with us in the Four Cylinder Novice class running his red # 22. He will be honored with the running of the ‘Jimmy Shields Memorial- Double Deuce Twin 22’s’ a special four cylinder event.
Let’s thank Rob for all the work he does in helping to save peoples lives each and every day along with wishing him the best of luck in his new position at Bethel Motor Speedway!
We are getting closer to the start of the 2017 race season at Bethel Motor Speedway. Practice Nights are scheduled on April 8th & April 15th. Legends & Bandoleros will also be competing in races on both of those days. Also included on the April 15th card will be Twin 20’s for the Northeast Vintage Modified Club & 40 Lap 4 Cyl./6 Cyl. Enduro Dash paying $400* to win (Based on 15 car entries*) . General Admission will be free on both practice days.
Our much anticipated Opening Day will be on Saturday, April 22nd. Fans come out to Bethel Motor Speedway and check out the action!


Bethel Motor Speedway is pleased to announce that Liberty NY’s Alyssa McCave will be “Miss Bethel Motor Speedway” in 2017 !

When Alyssa was a young child growing up in her household she heard of many racing stories about the speedway and it’s racers especially on the holidays when family and friends would gather. Her father Allen McCave ran in the most famous class the speedway has ever had, which was the 8 Cylinders Bombers class. Alyssa’s cousin, the late Pete Gardner also ran there in the 90’s as well picking up two championships and many feature wins in the famed orange # 56 street stock.

Since she was hearing those stories as a child she became interested in watching Nascar on the television and started watching it almost every week. Alyssa remembers that one day her father told her “You ready to go see some REAL racing, let’s head out to the speedway”. For the past five years she has been a big race fan at the track. She likes all the classes that race there but really enjoys the four cylinder pure stocks the best. Alyssa mentioned “It’s so much fun watching them race for the win, they go like three, sometimes four wide in the turns”. “You can see them driving the cars and really turning the wheel to get in that tight position to make a pass, it’s great”. Alyssa would like to try racing a four cylinder car for the upcoming Ladies only “Flower Power Four Cylinder Race” scheduled for Saturday May,13th. “When I read the speedway schedule this year, that race really caught my eye, I want to try it”

Alyssa is a graduate of Tri-Valley school district and her other interests besides racing is music and modeling. Currently, Alyssa enjoys playing the clarinet and the piano. She also enjoys traveling and participating in beauty pageants. She has won quite a few of them including 2017 Clean City of the Hudson, 2016 Grand Supreme, & 2016 International Model. She is also currently in a modeling contract and pursuing that career path at the moment. She also enjoys participating in doing community service events. You may also catch Alyssa eating Mexican food and drinking Dr. Pepper at meal times as those are her favorites.

Alyssa will be greeting and posing with some of the drivers in Victory Lane, she mentioned “I think Victory Lane is the most magical memorable place to be at the speedway and I am glad to be a part of it this year”

Come out to Bethel Motor Speedway and meet Alyssa McCave our “Miss Bethel Motor Speedway” every Saturday Night in 2017 !!!! Stay tuned for more exciting news coming out about the speedway in the next few days. The snow is melting and racing is coming !!!


Bethel Motor Speedway is pleased to announce our new technical inspection team for the 2017 racing season. We searched high and low to find the best candidates to perform experienced unbiased inspection of top finishing race teams. We are confident that our new technical team will adapt quickly to our speedway and create a professional courteous process in the Tech Inspection Areas.

Benny Campbell has been selected as Lead Inspector of the team. Benny grew up all around race cars as he honed his mechanical skills as a kid at King’s Salvage, the nesting place of many of Accord Speedway’s race teams and home base of the Legendary Art & Doug Tyler Racing Team. He has become a master mechanic, now running his own business that specializes in heavy equipment repair but can fix all. The past five seasons he has served as Accord Speedway’s Lead Tech Inspector after working under other established inspectors Gene Andryshak, Bob Dini, & George Johnson. He is well adversed of the current trends in racing like the GM Crate Engines. This year he will be doing double duty working at Accord on Fridays and Bethel on Saturdays.

Mike Maloney has been selected as Technical Inspector. Mike was always interested in cars as a kid and had the desire to find out more about these race cars that were in his neighborhood. As a kid he would visit these race car garages to try and become friends with the hopes of being able to wrench on these amazing machines. His attempts were successful and befriended several race teams which he crewed for on many nights at the Danbury RaceArena. Mike is also a former winning driver who was a strong competitor in his # 008 cars at Orange County Fair Speedway running in the Street Stock & Sportsman classes. He then went on to become the successful winning crew chief on the famous Johnny McGill modifieds. Mike also went on to become a master mechanic, running a salvage yard along with doing auto body work. He is now doing classic and muscle car restorations in his shop. Mike is excited in his new position at the speedway and is looking forward to being at Bethel each and every week.

Ray Ackerly has also been selected to be Technical Inspector at the speedway. Ray grew up in a racing family with his father doing stock car racing at the now defunct Plainview Stadium in Connecticut. Ray’s father also was able to compete in the club association racing at Danbury Racearena during their last season of operation. A few years later, Ray built his orange & white 00Jr. street stock. His street stock became a familiar sight in Victory Lane at both Accord and Orange County Fair Speedways. Ray being a die hard racer, he would race his 00Jr. two nights a week back to back at both tracks which required extensive vehicle maintenance and being able to make fast quality repairs. After gathering much success in the street stock ranks, Ray moved up to the open wheel Sportsman class. Ray again found familiar success in those cars as well and was known for fielding one of the best appearing cars at the speedway. At the peak of Ray’s career he decided to hang up the helmet due to rising costs in racing and wanting to dedicate more time to raising his family. Ray is excited to be making a return to racing,along with a new track that he isn’t familiar with and looking forward to being in an official role of Technical Inspector.

Bill Haley has been selected as Technical Advisor & Turn Four Marshall for the 2017 season. Haley known as the Comet picked up numerous feature wins in dirt late model competition at the Accord Speedway. He then moved on to open wheel sportsman and modified racing finding success by picking up several Sportsman & Modified feature wins at Accord and Orange County Fair Speedways. Known for his fearless hard charging on the outer outside lanes he was known to delight many fans in the grandstands with his exciting driving. Bill has also prided himself for conducting himself in a professional manner on and off the track proving to be a true sportsman to the sport over the years. He has many years of knowledge and plenty of experience to know what is going on during a race along with what is going on under the hood of these cars. He is looking forward to his new role in racing as an official at Bethel.

The excitement is building as we count down the days to our Opening Day on Saturday, April 22nd. We will also be holding practice nights on April 8th and April 15th. Also on April 15th, we will be having Legends and Bandolero heats and features. Also on the schedule is Vintage Modified Twin 20’s and our first 40 Lap Enduro of the season. Grandstands will be Free Admission on both April 8th & April 15th. Stay tuned for some more news from Bethel Motor Speedway in the next few days ! You have to go to Bethel in 2017 !


Bethel Motor Speedway is please to announce that Mirsada Fafulovic has been brought on board by speedway management to work alongside Head Starter Jonathan McGibbon on the flagstand as the speedway Assistant Flagger.

Mirsada emigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe in the 1990’s when she was 7 years old settling in the City of Binghamton, NY. Growing up in Binghamton, she found out that she lived only minutes from a dirt track called Five Mile Point Speedway. Many of her friends spoke of this track so she decided to check it out. She was amazed at how much fun it was watching the racing and seeing the Modifieds racing hard for the glory of the win. She quickly became a fan of local short track racing. Mirsada mentioned ” The first time I went racing, it felt like something found me like a calling, I just love it”

About seven years ago, she was browsing classified adds when she saw a dirt sportsman race car at a cheap price. She decided to use some money that she had saved and bought the car thus becoming a car owner. Mirsada has brought her car to all the dirt Southern Tier tracks, taking on the role of crew chief in the pits. Not one to shy away from working hard and getting dirty, she could be found in the pits putting tires on, changing gears, and cleaning the car from mud becoming a fan favorite. Last year at Skyline Speedway, Mirsada’s #73m Dirt Sportsman came across the line first in the feature. It was the first time in her career, that her car was going to Victory Lane and quite a celebration was to be taken.

Mirsada who is easy on the eyes also enjoys participating in beauty pageants especially when involving motorsports. She has even competed in the Miss Motorsports contest, scoring rather well. When reading her favorite newspaper Area Auto Racing News, she saw a story of a race called the “Summer of 69” Woodstock race that is paying $6,900 to win Sportsman race. “The Summer of 69 really caught my eye, I had never even known that Bethel Motor Speedway existed. I looked it up and found that it isn’t too far from Binghamton”.” I got in contact with Speedway Promoter Mike Hager to find out more about this race, while we were talking I mentioned that I had always dreamed of having the opportunity to be a flagger at a speedway”. “One thing led to another and here I am, I’m so excited for this opportunity and to be working at Bethel Motor Speedway.” “It sounds like the place is a well kept secret but I’m going to let the world know that this is the place to be on Saturday Nights”

Mirsada will be one of the few lady speedway flaggers in the world. “I hope that I can appeal to the younger girls, that ladies can be equal to what men can do and can accomplish all the goals they tend to achieve in auto racing”

Come see Mirsada Fafulovic on the flagstand and meeting with the fans on Saturday Nights at Bethel Motor Speedway. Practice Nights are scheduled for April 8th and April 15th. Opening Day is Saturday, April 22nd. Things are heating up and the snow is melting, racing can’t come soon enough!


Bethel Motor Speedway is pleased to announce the three race Sportsman Asphalt Challenge presented by PJ Degracia Contracting & Tri-Co Electric.
The series is very racer friendly and has convenient dates for many Dirt Sportsman race teams. It costs nothing to be a part of the series. The Top 12 in final series points will be eligible for the $1600 point fund in additional to race day purse earnings. The point fund just ‘sweetens the pot’ for those who want to run these races. The point fund will be paid out at the conclusion of the final race on September 16th.
May 27th: Race 1. Pete Gardner Memorial 56 Laps $1,000 to Win presented by Hig-Fab Chassis (Summer of 69 Poleshot Position Qualifier)
July 1st: Race 2. Firecracker 25 Laps. $500 to Win.
(Summer of 69 Poleshot Position Qualifier)
September 16th: Race 3. White Lake Challenge.
35 Laps. $600 to win.
Bethel Motor Speedway Sportsman rules apply. Draw for heats. Top 10 redraw for feature.
Special Thanks to Hig-Fab Chassis, PJ Degracia Contracting, & Tri-Co Electric for giving us the sponsorship to put these mini series races on.
Sportsman Asphalt Challenge Points Payout :
1. $500 2. $300 3. $200 4. $150 5. $100 6. $75 7. $75
8. $50. 9. $50 10. $50 11. $50 12. $50.
We are looking forward to seeing Sportsman race teams accepting this challenge and running the series at Bethel Motor Speedway in 2017!

Bethel Motor Speedway Adding Rookie Sportsman Division

Bethel Motor Speedway is pleased to announce that the Rookie Sportsman division will be added to the speedway’s regular 2017 Saturday night program.

The Rookie Sportsman will follow the regular Bethel Sportsman rules that adhere to commonly standard dirt Sportsman specifications.Except, the Rookie class will allow only GM 602 crate engines with the rules very similar to other area tracks that run the division. The Rookie Sportsman will be open to any driver who has not won a Sportsman feature at Bethel, however there will be a win limit. When a driver collects five feature wins they will no longer be eligible to run the Rookie class and must move up to the regular division.

Mike Hager, Speedway Promoter / Race Controller is excited about the addition of the new division, stating “The Rookie Sportsman division has been successful at other local tracks, and I think it will do the same at Bethel. Their feature event will run early in the race order and we encourage the Rookie racers to also join us and compete with our experienced Sportsman class.” Hager emphasized “It’s a great deal for Rookie Sportsman racers because, not only do they compete in a race together, but they can get additional seat time and learn from our more experienced Sportsman racers too.” He added “Bethel is a drivers track, you really learn your car and how to maneuver properly in action packed racing.” The Rookie race will pay $200 to the winner, which is the highest in the area for the class.

Speedway General Manager Paul Degracia commented “We’ve received a lot of inquiries about running the Rookie class on Bethel’s pavement. I’m happy to be accommodating those racers and I think the class will prove to be good for the track, and the fans, and is certainly worth the added efforts”.

For additional information check the track’s website at where updated 2017 rules are now available and the season schedule will soon be posted. We look forward to seeing you at Bethel Motor Speedway in 2017!