Masters Madness Bonus for INEX Legends


Mach-1 Performance is proud to announce a bonus program for the Masters Division at Bethel Motor Speedway starting this Saturday, Sept 12th. There are currently two Master drivers at Bethel Motor Speedway that have a chance to finish in the top 5 in INEX national points for this season. However, the Master division car counts have been under five cars most of the season. Without five cars or more, the Master division winner can not earn the most possible points. There is currently five more INEX points races at Bethel Motor Speedway, and Mach-1 Performance would like to give Master division drivers a chance to get the most points possible until the end of the season.

In an effort to attract more Master division drivers to come and race at Bethel Motor Speedway, Mach-1 Performance is adding bonus money to the top 3 finishing Master drivers at each of the next five races. The highest finishing Master driver will earn an additional $50, the second highest finishing Master driver will earn an additional $40 and the third highest finishing Master driver will earn an additional $30. The bonus will be only paid if there are at least 5 Master division drivers and full INEX points are earned for the feature race. Also, our Mach-1 Performance driver, Richie Coy, will not be eligible for this bonus and will not count in the bonus rundown.

So, Masters drivers … come on out to Bethel Motor Speedway over the next four weeks and earn some free cash from Mach-1 Performance!