“Catskills Outlaw Club” Co-Promotion from Accord & Bethel Speedways

Accord Speedway & Bethel Motor Speedway are pleased to announce an incentive based program that will benefit both racers & fans at both speedways in the 2017 race season! The incentive program will be known as the “Catskills Outlaw Club”. This incentive will be based towards the two classes that Accord and Bethel Speedways have in common as weekly regular divisions. The Sportsman and Street/Pure Stocks classes run on a weekly basis at both speedways, these race teams will now have the opportunity to earn an additional “Catskill Outlaw Bonus” of $200.00.
The “Catskills Outlaw Club” incentive program will work to encourage Sportsman & Street/Pure Stock racers to run both tracks doing back to back events. It works like this, Sportsman and Street/Pure Stock drivers who finish in the Top 5 positions of their respective features at Accord or Bethel will qualify into the “Catskills Outlaw Club”. Those drivers will now be eligible for an additional “Catskill Outlaw Bonus” of $200.00 for the next following event. Those drivers then run the next following race at the OTHER track, if the driver ends up winning that following feature then they will collect the $200 “Catskill Outlaw” bonus money. The bonus is in addition of the winners purse that they will also receive.
Examples: Sportsman drivers finish in the Top 5 at Accord on a Friday, those drivers are now in the club and eligible for the $200 bonus. Those Sportsman drivers then go to Bethel for their following event which will normally be the next day on Saturday. One of those eligible drivers wins the feature and will receive their winners purse plus the addition bonus of $200. Vice versa, you finish Top 5 at Bethel on Saturday, you are in the club & eligible for the $200 bonus the following Friday at Accord.
Mike Hager who is the Speedway Promoter/Race Controller at Bethel Motor Speedway is very excited about this incentive program. “Gary Palmer came to me at the Motorsports Show and mentioned that we should work together on doing something for the racers and our fans in the region.” “I told Gary let’s do it, so we had to think of something quick and easy for the racers because the season is set to go, we came up with this “Catskills Outlaw Club” idea for the Sportsman and Street/Pure Stocks”. He added that “Years ago many racers ran both tracks on Fridays & Saturdays but it has become a rarity in the last few years, hopefully this healthy bonus will entice our drivers to roll the dice and be up for the challenge to run back to back on the dirt and pavement, this will really excite our fan base to see their favorite drivers running at both tracks.”
Gary Palmer, owner of Accord Speedway stated “I went to Mike Hager because he has got some fresh ideas, and I wanted to add some excitement between the racers/fans at both tracks”. He also noted “I really think it is important that tracks work together and do co-promotions to improve things for racers and fans”. “I’m really hoping this incentive will encourage racers to take a chance and try something different, fans too!”. “Hopefully this can lead to bigger things between the tracks in the future.”
Paul Degracia, General Manager of Bethel Motor Speedway is also excited about this incentive between the two tracks. “I think this is a win win situation to do this co-promotion with Accord Speedway, this incentive will really help out racers when they win it”. “I’m glad to have good open communication with one of our closest tracks.”
The criteria race teams must adhere to in this incentive program is pretty simple. Your car must comply with the track rules for the specific speedway you are at. You are only eligible in the club for the next following event, if rain out occurs it will be rolled over into the following week. “Catskill Outlaw Club” only is in effect on Friday & Saturday race nights during the regular season. It does not apply to a special show.
The 2017 race season is fast approaching, Season Openers are scheduled at Accord Speedway on Friday, April 21st, and at Bethel Motor Speedway on Saturday, April 22nd. For more scheduling info check outwww.accordspeedway.com & www.bethelmotorspeedway.com. Remember to come out and support your local race tracks. We look forward to seeing you!