Bethel Motor Speedway along with Jessey & Marisol Torrens of Roscoe, NY are pleased to announce the return of Kid’s Big Wheel Races in 2017!

The Big Wheel Races are scheduled to be run three times this season. The dates for Big Wheel Races will be on May 6th (Little League Night), July 22nd (Kid’s Night), & July 29th (Biker Night). Big Wheel Races in past years under other regimes proved to be very popular with the fans especially the kids. In fact many drivers got started on a big wheel at the track!

Speedway Promoter / Race Controller Mike Hager stated “This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Jessey and Marisol Torrens, they are sponsoring these big wheel races for the kids”. “I always enjoyed seeing the kids all excited to run their race, these young ones are our future here.” General Manager Paul Degracia also expresses the same sentiment, of creating some fun events for our best little fans in the grandstands who cheer our drivers to victory.

Event Organizer Marisol Torrens is also excited “My husband Jessey started in the Big Wheel Races, I see the trophies he won everyday in the house, he has such happy memories of it. “He is now a proud racer in the Four Cylinder class but he started in Big Wheel”. She also noted “I want to see kids at the track just having a fun time out there, that is what it is all about.” She then added “They are the next generation of race car drivers”

The preliminary big wheel races will be held between hot laps and the start of racing perhaps while the Driver’s Meeting is being held. The Big Wheel Race final will be held at intermission showcasing the top finishing big wheel racers.

Prizes and goodies will be awarded to all Big Wheel participants, nobody will walk away without something. The Big Wheel Races will be split between two age groups 5 to 8 years old and 9 to 12 years old. Children under 5 may compete in their own race with a tricycle along with parental coaching.

Rules: Participants are required to bring their own Big Wheel to compete. Participants are also required to wear bicycle helmet and knee pads. Big Wheels will be required to have three wheels.Big Wheels must have plastic wheels/tires, rubber is not permitted. Past winners may be handicapped in future races. Parents/Guardians may walk along with their participants to prevent contact with others and to coach their drivers.Young drivers are encouraged to design their number, their name and color scheme on cardstock paper which can be taped on the back of their shirts.

The exciting 2017 race season is fast approaching. April 15th will be our Practice Night along with races for Enduros, Legends, Vintage Modifeds, and Bandoleros. Come check out the action at Bethel Motor Speedway.