Vintage Midget Exhibition Race Clubs are coming to Bethel Motor Speedway!

Coming this Saturday, May 20th will be the first appearance of the year for the Vintage Midget race cars. Cars will be coming in from two vintage clubs the ATQMVC and VMRS. ATQMVC is more NJ/PA based and VMRS is more Connecticut based. Also the ATQMVC specializes in Vintage Three Quarter (TQ) Midgets while VMRS specializes in full scale Vintage Midget race cars.

The race cars are open wheeled, short wheel based, non wing fabricated race cars that utilize racing slick tires. There is many different engine combinations that can be used, and the cars allow for a small body of tin that allows clear visibility of the driver at the wheel. The cars are usually at least 20 years old with many former drivers taking them out on the track for exhibition runs. Some of the cars will also be on display in the grandstands concession area as well, along with some gifts being handed out by the drivers to the young fans.

The vintage midget exhibition race clubs have additional dates as well. The ATQMVC will also be at Bethel on 6/17 for ‘TQ Midget Night’, 7/15 ‘Remembering Danbury Race Arena Night’, and on 9/2 for ‘Farm Night’.

Atlantic Coast Old Timers (ACOT), will also be in attendance on July, 15th and September, 2nd as well.

Vintage Midget Racing Series (VMRS) will also be in attendance on August, 19th and September, 23rd.

Come out to Bethel Motor Speedway to check out these vintage racers along with watching are current racing classes as the region’s best drivers put on a show as they to reach the glory of Victory Lane ! Racing every Saturday till the end of September. (Weather Permitting). Look forward to seeing you there!