The “R’s” have the winning RPM’s as Redner and Richardson win Sportsman Features!

This past Saturday was Skelly’s Towing Night which consisted of a classic car cruise in behind the grandstands and a car show parade around the speedway. It also found a big night of racing action to the many fans in attendance.

The mighty Sportsman class was busy this night as they ran dual features with a previous holdover feature being scheduled in. The holdover feature quickly found Mike Dutka jumping out into the early lead from his third position to lead the first lap. Dutka held a comfortable lead until Lap 5 when the yellow came out for Matt Curry and Kyle Redner, which also forced other strong runners pitside. When the race restarted Jeff Richardson took command of the lead and began to pull away from the rest of the pack. Meanwhile both Paul Martin and Dom Roselli cracked into the top three and slowly began to reel in Richardson, however both Martin and Roselli needed more lap to contend for the win. Richardson picked up his second win of the season followed by Martin and Roselli.

In the regular scheduled Sportsman feature for the night found Dan Dulin and defending track champ Kyle Redner pacing the field for the start of the feature with the green flag waving the two cars drag raced down the frontstretch and into turn 1 with Redner getting ahead. The pass proved to be the winning pass as Redner wired the field in dominance as he had hardcharger Rick Mill in second place putting the pressure on but not enough steam to get by. As the race went on Mill had to play on the defense as previous holdover feature winner Jeff Richardson and last week’s feature winner Paul Martin began to pressure Mill for second. As the leaders came down to the dual checkers it was all Kyle Redner as he picked up his first feature win of the season followed by Mill and Richardson.

As the BMS Modifieds began their feature run, Steve Galgano was able to ease into the number one spot ahead of front row sitters Stephen Kammer and Rob Rafferty on Lap 5. Galgano known as the Wingdale Warrior looked strong and destined for a top finish. However, luck wasn’t on Galgano’s side as a hardcharging Blair Culhane made a strong power move off turn two to take the lead but his bid to do so resulted in accidental contact bringing out the yellow which sent both drivers to the rear of the field on Lap 9. On the restart, veteran driver Skip LaPolt jumped out front for the lead over Rafferty. LaPolt who was sporting a newly loaned powerplant under the hood from a fellow racer began to pull ahead while Galgano and Culhane sliced their ways back up through the pack. LaPolt brought home the bacon for his first feature win of the season followed by a strong rebounding Culhane for second. Rafferty held on for a strong third place finish.

Patience and persistence paid off for Gillian Kirkpatrick in the Legends car feature event. From her start on the inside pole, Kirkpatrick led every lap of the race, the first few with outside pole sitter Artie Pedersen glued at her side in an exciting door-to-door battle. Multi-time Bethel feature winner Alex McCollum was close behind, trying to capture Kirkpatrick’s lead but to no avail. With McCollum scooping up the second spot and all cars running single file around the quarter mile, a red hot Kirkpatrick proved a fierce competitor as she crossed the checkered line, taking her first Legends win of 2017 at Bethel. The win proved to be a sentimental victory for Kirkpatrick as she dedicated the win to her grandfather who sadly passed away two weeks ago. An assiduous McCollum came home second, followed by Peter Bennett with another strong run placing third.

In Pro Stock feature action, it proved to to be the Butler and Atkins Show. At the start of the green, Jim Helt jumped out front from his second starting position, however it was short lived as second place running Arthur McArthur spun off turn 4 and damaging the tire of Helt. Helt had to go pitside to change the tire which inherited the lead to Kenny Atkins. Atkins took command of the lead when racing resumed but was soon overtaken by a strong running Ed Butler. Atkins was able to run side by side, mere inches away from Butler as they ran in close quarters but was never able to muscle ahead again to take the lead. Butler picked up a hard earned second win of the season closely followed by Atkins. Vinny Stanton Sr. was able to take home third position.

The fan favorite street stock again put forth an exciting race for those in the audience. 2016 Street Stock Shootout Series Champ, Kyle Welsch came from deep in the field to pick up a much hard earned first victory of the season. The race started out with Mario Contarino pacing the field followed by Phil Funcheon in second place. At the halfway point Welsch was able to get my Funcheon for second place, three laps later Welsch made a strong inside move stick in turn 3 and advanced ahead of Contarino for the lead coming out of turn 4. Top point contenders Amber VanOrden and Walt Henry again marched forward methodically thru the pack and found them picking up second and third place honors respectfully and to the fan’s delight.

Cody Houghtaling picked up his first feature of the season in the Four Cylinder Expert class. It appeared that Tim Curry had the race won but was bit by some bad luck on Lap 15 when his car lost power as he had a comfortable lead. After the yellow, Houghtaling jumped out into the lead and held off a very strong Mike Travis for the remaining five laps to pick up the victory. Joe Morris picked up third position with the checkers waving.

In Four Cylinder Novice feature action, found Bryan Zeininger out front early in the race until fifth place starting Nick Curry overtook the lead on Lap 6. It was then smooth sailing for the young Curry as he took home his first feature victory of the season, followed by a hard chaging Dan Houghtaling coming from his eight starting position to finish second. Felicia Reichenbaugh put in a strong effort to finish third and is proving to be a top contender in the class this year.

With the Bandolero feature event underway, Anthony Bello quickly cinched the lead over Katie Verwys. An exciting three car battle for third saw Mikey Roth, Teddy Cranmer and Joey Aungst vouch for position. Roth soon nabbed the podium position, as he and each of the top three runners maintained about a four car length apart from each other. After a stellar run Bello came out victorious, followed by Verwys and Roth.

Enduro action found Dan Houghtaling battling a strong running John Houghtaling throughout the entire distance but was able to come home victorious in the nightcap event. Joe Smith was able to cross the line third.

Justin Aungst has continued his hot streak in the Beginner Bandolero class as he picked up his third win of the season this past Saturday. This victory was harder earned has he had to contend with Nick Archiere who led the first eight laps before settling for second.


Sportsman Feature: 1. Kyle Redner (Pine Bush, NY) 2. Rick Mill 3. Jeff Richardson 4. Paul Martin 5. Dan Dulin 6. Mike Dutka 7. Al Archiere 8. Matt Curry 9. Dom Roselli 10. Jerry Curry

Sportsman Feature Holdover 5/23/17 : 1. Jeff Richardson (Goshen, NY) 2. Paul Martin 3. Dom Roselli 4. Kyle Redner 5. Jerry Curry 6. Mike Dutka 7. Dan Dulin 8. Al Archiere 9. Rick Mill 10. Matt Curry DNS. Milton Mann DNS. Bill Deckelman DNS. Ed Dachenhausen

BMS Modified Feature: 1. Skip LaPolt (Swan Lake, NY) 2. Blair Culhane 3. Rob Rafferty 4. Steve Galgano 5. Stephen Kammer 6. Joe DeGracia 7.Tyler Dachenhausen 8. Rob Konikowski DNS: John Cote

Legends Feature: 1. Gillian Kirkpatrick (Washingtonville, NY ) 2. Alex McCollum 3. Peter Bennett 4. Artie Petersen 5. Mikey Policastro 6. Robert Silver 7. Chris Gall 8. Steven Chapman 9. Nick VanWickle 10. Sean Verwys 11. Brian Schoch

Pro Stock Feature: 1. Ed Butler (Bethel, NY) 2. Kenny Atkins 3. Vinny Stanton Sr. 4. John Roese 5. Art McArthur 6. Jim Helt

Street Stock Feature: 1. Kyle Welsch (Narrowsburg, NY) 2. Amber VanOrden 3. Walt Henry 4. Gary VanOrden Sr. 5. Bill Deak Sr. 6. Shawn Maloney 7. Mario Contarino 8. Phil Funcheon 9. Larry O’Donnell 10. JB Morris

Four Cylinder Expert Feature: 1. Cody Houghtaling (Monticello, NY) 2. Mike Travis 3. Joe Morris 4. Tim Curry 5. Skip Morris DNS: Joe Smith

Four Cylinder Novice Feature: 1. Nick Curry (Neversink, NY) 2. Dan Houghtaling 3. Felicia Reichenbaugh 4. Gene Helms 5. Vinny Degraw 6. Bryan Zeininger 7. Marcus Small 8. Eddie Jones Jr. 9. Cliff Levinson 10. Tabitha Riordan 11. Robert Beach

Bandolero Feature: 1. Anthony Bello (Newtown, CT) 2. Katie Verwys 3. Mike Roth 4. Joey Aungst 5. Tyler Alkas 6. Dominic Abbatiello 7. Teddy Cranmer 8. Connor Piasecki

Enduro Dash: 1. Dan Houghtaling (Monticello, NY) 2. John Houghtaling 3. Joe Smith 4. Matt Curry 5. Richard Smith 6. Anthony Tarantino 7. Mike Travis

Beginner Bandolero Feature: 1. Justin Aungst (Pompton Lakes, NJ) 2. Nick Archiere 3. Joey Lamontagne