In Sportsman feature action, Defending Champion Kyle Redner has been known to do his winning in streaks. This past Saturday it looks like the pattern has formed again as he picked up his second win of the season in consecutive fashion. Jerry Curry jumped out front but just for one lap as ‘Ironman’ Eric Moon took the point on lap 2 and held it there during the first half of the race. Kyle Redner who started in the third position searched high and low for a way to get around the strong running Moon with his potent 22E machine. Just prior to the halfway point a yellow was throw for a three car accident in turn 2. On the ensuing restart Redner found the winning courage as he muscled around Moon on the high groove to take the lead and began to pull away. Paul Martin was next to challenge Moon for second, with five laps to go Martin found a hole and was able to overtake the second position with Jeff Richardson following suit for third. At the checkers, it was all Redner, followed by Martin and Richardson.

Multi-Time Track Champion John Cote overcame camshaft problems from the previous week and was off to a rocket start in the BMS Modifieds feature at the drop of the green. Stephen Kammer held onto 2nd as Rob Rafferty staked 3rd. Rafferty’s run was soon bypassed by Blair Culhane as he squeaked by, setting his sights on Kammer and, ultimately, Cote. Culhane hammered down, passing Kammer. Cote still remained about a full straightaway ahead with laps winding down. Under yellow flag, Bethel Motor Speedway EMTs promptly responded to turn 3 where Rafferty required medical attention following incident. The race was put under red flag as efforts were made to ensure Rafferty’s safe removal from the race car. As of press time, Rafferty had been released from the hospital and recovering from a very sore back. With three laps remaining once the race went green, Cote maintained his lead, crossing the line victorious for his first feature win of the season, followed by a tenacious Culhane and steady running Kammer. Following post race technical inspection, Joe DeGracia was declared the third place finisher.

In the Legends feature event, adept driver Alex McCollum gripped onto pole sitter Artie Pedersen’s position on the inside line early in the race. Jim Sylvester also tried the inside line of Pedersen as he fought for the number two spot in a challenging run. McCollum had picked up almost an entire straightaway ahead of the pack before caution came out. Sylvester took over spot number 2 once caution was lifted, a position he would hold for the remainder of the race. McCollum took the checkered, followed by Sylvester and last week’s Legends feature winner Gillian Kirkpatrick, whom pulled off her third place finish in the final laps.

Pro Stocks ran a holdover feature from a previous night and at the drop of the green rookie Brent Shaddock shot out like a cannon from his pole starting position. Many thought the Shaddock looked destined for his first victory of the season but top gun driver, Kenny Atkins had other thoughts. Atkins charged his way from his seventh starting position to take over second position from Jim Helt on lap six and began tracking down the big lead of Shaddock. While Shaddock was navigating his way around lap traffic is when Atkins made his winning move on Lap 15, strong running Ed Butler overtook second on the following lap fro Shaddock. At the checkers was Atkins picking up his second win of the season followed by Butler and the strong finish of Shaddock for third.

In the regularly scheduled Pro Stock feature again found Kenny Atkins picking up the feature win but was a much easier task than the first feature run earlier in the night. Atkins came from fourth position to take the lead from Vinny Stanton Sr. on Lap 4 and never looked back cruising to his third win of the season. Stanton held steady to take home second and Eric Moon nipped Brent Shaddock at the line to take home third place.

The fan favorite street stocks found Amber VanOrden annihilating the field from her eighth starting position. A. VanOrden known for running it deep on the outside, used that groove to her advantage and was the first to challenge early leader Bill Deak Sr. and took over the lead down the front chute on Lap 6. Walt Henry followed up thru the pack to take second on Lap 7 and threw everything but the kitchen sink to get past A. VanOrden for the lead but had to settle for second as she picked up her fourth victory of the season over Henry, and proud papa Gary VanOrden Sr in third position.

Perhaps the best race of the night was the Four Cylinder Expert feature. Joe Smith and current point leader Mike Travis put on a show as they battled each other for fifteen laps door to door, swapping the lead back and forth many times much to the fans delight and constant cheering. Coming to the checkers Smith was able to keep the handle of his car and beat Travis by inches at the finishing line to take home his first victory of the season over the strong running Travis. Former Champion, Ivan Guerra was in the catbird seat most of the race just waiting for the leaders to tangle but ended up settling for third position.

Mikey Roth had an outstanding run in the Bandolero feature event as he set his sights on the awaiting victory, never once faltering as he staked his claim. Despite a few cautions Roth maintained his position, and with the race underway a determined Katie Verwys charged along in second until a hard run ended in her deviation to the rear. Anthony Bello, no stranger to victory lane at the speedway, tried his best to hunt down Roth. Bello stayed within close vicinity to Roth’s back bumper and with just one turn remaining in the race he made his attempt to squeeze by on the inside as the checkered flag flew, making for a photo finish. Roth crossed the line in first for his second feature victory of the year, followed by Bello and Connor Piasecki who had an outstanding run of his own. In honorable mention, fourth place finisher Katie Verwys picked up her Bandolero Bandits divisional win.

Mike Travis won the Enduro Dash in dominant fashion as he came from last to first to win it. Eddie Jones Jr, and John Houghtaling rounded out the Top 3.

Newcomer Justin Abramo broke Justin Aungst’s winning streak in Beginner Bandolero action. Abramo led every lap to take home the feature win in his debut at the speedway. Aungst and Joey Lamontagne finished second and third respectively.

Sportsman Feature: 1. Kyle Redner (Pine Bush, NY) 2. Paul Martin 3. Jeff Richardson 4. Jerry Curry 5. Eric Moon 6. Dan Dulin DNS. Phil Collins

BMS Modified Feature: 1. John Cote (New Milford, CT) 2. Blair Culhane 3. Joe DeGracia 4. Skip LaPolt 5. Tyler Dachenhausen 6. Jim Fugel 7. Rob Rafferty 8. Rob Konikowski 9. Stephen Kammer

Legends Feature: 1. Alex McCollum (Philipsburg, NJ ) 2. Jim Sylvester 3. Gillian Kirkpatrick 4. Artie Pedersen 5. Peter Bennett 6. Allan Pedersen 7. Jonathan Puleo 8. Steven Chapman 9. Mikey Policastro 10. Eugene Drew 11. Robert Silver 12. Sean Verwys 13. Jeff Lefcourt 14. Storm Drew

Pro Stock Feature Holdover: 1. Kenny Atkins (Grahamsville, NY) 2. Ed Butler 3. Brent Shaddock 4. Jim Helt 5. Eric Moon 6. Vinny Stanton Sr. 7. Art McArthur DNS. Jim Sykes

Pro Stock Feature: 1. Kenny Atkins (Grahamsville, NY) 2. Vinny Stanton Sr. 3. Eric Moon 4. Brent Shaddock 5. Jim Helt 6. Art McArthur

Street Stock Feature: 1. Amber VanOrden (Hawley, PA) 2. Walt Henry 3. Gary VanOrden Sr. 4. Kyle Welsch 5. Brian Bauerfeind 6. Bill Deak Sr. 7. Mario Contarino 8. Patty Falkena 9. Dale Fiske

Four Cylinder Expert Feature: 1. Joe Smith (Liberty, NY) 2. Mike Travis 3. Ivan Guerra 4. Cody Houghtaling 5. John Houghtaling 6. Billy Porter 7. Tim Curry 8. Shawn Maloney 9. Skip Morris

Four Cylinder Novice Feature: 1. Robert Beach (Liberty, NY) 2. Nick Curry 3. Eddie Jones Jr. 4. Felicia Reichenbaugh 5. Dan Houghtaling 6. Cliff Levinson 7. James Curry 8. Bryan Zeininger 9.Tabitha Riordan

Bandolero Feature: 1. Mike Roth (North Branch, NY) 2. Anthony Bello 3. Conner Piasecki 4. Katie Verwys 5. Teddy Cranmer 6. Tyler Alkas 7. Philip Abramo 8. Dominic Abbatiello 9. Joey Aungst

Enduro Dash: 1. Mike Travis (Liberty, NY) 2. Eddie Jones, Jr. 3. John Houghtaling 4. Cody Houghtaling 5. Ivan Guerra 6. Cliff Levinson 7. Thomas Riordan 8. Tim Curry

Beginner Bandolero Feature: 1. Dylan Abramo (Elmwood Park, NJ) 2. Justin Aungst 3. Joey Lamontagne