“Danbury Night” Full Of Action

Nick Archiere grabbed an early lead in the Beginner Bandolero race, a lead in which he would rocket four car lengths ahead of Justin Aungst. Dylan Abramo, a driver who has shown an impressive effort in the beginner division, was able to work his way into second over Aungst. Abramo stayed right on the bumper of Archiere, taking over the lead before the caution was brought out. Upon lift of the caution, Abramo was reverted back to the third position, which put Archiere back into the lead. Taking off on the restart, Archiere carried himself to the win in a green white checkered finish, his first of the season at Bethel. Abramo crossed the line in second, followed by Aungst in third.

In the regular Bandolero division feature, Teddy Cranmer shot into the lead with Joey Aungst right in tow. Mikey Roth, the latest hotshoe of the Bandolero class, quickly gained on the leaders from third and soon took over the second spot from Aungst. His sights were ultimately set on Cranmer, as he slid low to take over the lead, a move which proved him capable of branching away from the rest of the pack. With two laps to go, Cranmer and Aungst were engaged in a door to door fight for second place when Anthony Bello made it a sudden eye-opening three wide effort. Bello made a clean dive and secured second as the race neared its final laps. Roth pulled off win number five, followed by an astounding Bello, and an awesome run was had by Aungst who took third.

Top-notch Legends driver Alex McCollum took the lead of the holdover race from June 24 at the drop of the green, with Joe Graf Sr. prepared for the challenge for first in this exciting division as he eventually gained more than half a straightaway ahead of third place runner Peter Bennett. With five laps to go,  Joe Graf Jr. grabbed second from Graf Sr. whom had experly held onto the position until that point. McCollum, having lead every lap of the race, brought it in for his sixth Legends win at Bethel this season. An interminable Graf Jr. brought home second, and Graf Sr. pulled off third by about a bumper’s length ahead of Teddy Hodgdon.

All eyes were once again on Alex McCollum in the regularly scheduled Legends feature as the full field formed a single file run. McCollum lead the pack, with a determined Teddy Hodgdon hot on his trail and Jim Sylvester establishing a solid run as well. Hodgdon, a young driver whom has raced in the Legends division in past years at Bethel, and making his 2017 debut at the speedway, was up for the challenge against McCollum as he charged along in second. Jim Sylvester, whom had some trouble in the first feature of the night, held a steady third as laps wore along. After leading every lap of the caution free race, an exuberant McCollum took the checkered in his seventh win of the season and pulled off back to back wins in the night’s racing excitement. Hodgdon pulled off second after a steady run, and Sylvester claimed third.

Outside pole sitter John Cote began what appeared a strong run in the BMS Modifieds Ev Pierce Memorial 50 lap race as he seized first ahead of Skip LaPolt once the race was underway. Blair Culhane worked high from his fourth place starting spot to achieve the second place run, capturing it from LaPolt and beginning what would be a showdown between himself and Cote for the lead. Joe DeGracia was able to squeeze low enough to take over third from LaPolt, which set him into a steady rhythm as the 50 lapper continued. Culhane and Cote ran lap after lap in a door to door clash, until Culhane was able to expertly clear Cote from the outside. Culhane locked down the lead that he would be able to successfully grasp until completion of the race. DeGracia had a profound run of his own in third, as he tirelessly attempted to capture top gun modified driver Cote’s second place spot. Well past the halfway point and without looking back, Culhane continued his charge by a full straightaway with the battle still hot for second between Cote and DeGracia. Culhane victoriously brought home the Ev Pierce Memorial 50 win, followed by the ever powerful Cote and a fiery DeGracia rounding it out in third.