Sportsman feature racing action found slick racing conditions due to dampness in the air but the race was able to run its complete distance. The “Danbury Destroyer” Ed Dachenhausen found the conditions to his liking and was able to pull into Victory Lane for the first time this season. Dachenhausen led every lap and was able to keep the distance from top gun Rick Mill who came deep in the pack to finish a stout second. Defending champ, Kyle Redner looked to be strong towards the end of the race and brought it home third from his sixth starting position. Many race fan eyes were watching, as Eric Moon and Milton Mann raced each other hard throughout the race and scored top five finishes respectively in fourth and fifth.

In the BMS Modified feature race, Robbie Konikowski gripped his lead starting position and was off to a strong run alongside Steve Galgano. Konikowski, leading a few good laps was soon overtaken by Galgano, with John Cote sliding into second. Ultimately, mechanical failure would sideline Konikowski for the remainder of the race. Galgano was giving Cote a clean run for his money as laps wore away. Blair Culhane had worked his way to third by this point in the race, and with Cote now taking over the lead it wouldn’t be long before Culhane would plant himself in second before caution came out. Upon lift of the yellow flag Joe DeGracia, having made an impressive run coming up through the field, took over the third position from Galgano. Sure-handed Cote took the win, his second of the season. Hard charger Culhane held on for second, and a diligent DeGracia third.

The fan favorite street stocks brought the excitement in the beginning of the race as the drivers fanned out to four wide coming out of turn 2 on the initial laps with much passing going on, however as the pack traveled down the backstretch hotshoe Walt Henry got squeezed off the track and into the infield thus bringing out the yellow. When racing resumed, Gary Van Orden Sr. made a strong move to overtake early leader Larry O’Donnell but shortly after the yellow came out for Mario Contarino coming to a stop in turn 4 with mechanical trouble and was headed to the pits. On the restart, it was a drag race down the front stretch and second place running Brian Bauerfeind was able to get ahead of the savvy veteran Van Orden Sr coming out of turn two. Bauerfeind was on a mission coming from his eighth starting position and into the lead. Current point leader Amber VanOrden passed the elder VanOrden for second mid way thru the race and set her sights on Bauerfeind and began to close the gap, however on this night A. Van Orden was not able to challenge for the lead and finished second. VanOrden Sr. continued to be Mr. Consistency and finished third at the line over a fast comeback from Henry.

Four Cylinder Experts found another new winner of the season in the class. There have been seven different winners of the nine races that have been run thus far this season which is a big improvement from a year ago which found only three different winners in the class all season. Enduro and street stock racer Shawn Maloney led every lap of the feature fending off the challenges from former champ Ivan Guerra and also from another top enduro racer David Donovan. These expert four cylinders drivers raced hard but they did it clean as the race ran from green to the checkers with no yellows. Maloney took the glory of the win and made a triumphant return to victory lane. Donovan finished a strong second with a new car making its maiden voyage. Current point leader Mike Travis came from a last place starting position to grab yet another top three finish.

Familiar faces of the Legends division Gillian Kirkpatrick and Alex McCollum sat on the front row as the race began, regular winner McCollum trying the outside for a pass over polesitter Kirkpatrick. Former Bethel Motor Speedway Legends track champion “Captain America” Mike Alcaro made his return for the first time of the 2017 season to try his hand against the regular competitors. He soon staked second place over McCollum, determined to catch up to Kirkpatrick as she kept her sights on Legends victory. Bound for glory, there was no catching Kirkpatrick as laps ran out and after leading every lap of an entirely caution free race, she gallantly captured her second win of 2017. An unwavering Alcaro took home a strong second, with McCollum following suit and pulling off a podium finish in third.

Mikey Roth continued his hot streak in the regular Bandolero class as he and fellow top contender Anthony Bello had their sights set on victory, running side by side in a formidable battle as the green flag dropped. Bello, determined as ever for the win and perhaps to end the winning streak of Roth, gave it his all as he chased down the latter as laps ticked by. Roth soon established a lead more than half a straightaway ahead of Bello, unfaltering as he took the checkered flag for the sixth time this season whilst keeping his streak alive. A flying fast Bello took second, and a good run was had by Joey Aungst who took third.

In the Beginner Bandolero feature race, last week’s winner Nick Archiere darted right into the lead as the green flag waved. Regular runner Justin Aungst settled comfortably into second, followed by Joey LaMontagne in third. The running order did not falter, and with two to go Archiere was still holding on strong. He crossed the line to win his second feature in the Beginner Bandolero class, followed by Aungst and LaMontagne.

Pro Stock and Four Cylinder Novice features were postponed to a later date due to rain storms arriving at the speedway.

Sportsman Feature: 1. Ed Dachenhausen (Danbury, CT) 2. Rick Mill 3. Kyle Redner 4. Eric Moon 5. Milton Mann 6. Jeff Richardson 7. Dan Dulin 8. Matt Curry 9. Al Archiere

Modified Feature: 1. John Cote (New Milford, CT) 2. Blair Culhane 3. Joe DeGracia 4. Steve Galgano 5. Tyler Dachenhausen 6. Skip LaPolt 7. Paul French 8. Stephen Kammer 9. Rob Konikowski

Legends Feature: 1. Gillian Kirkpatrick (Washingtonville, NY ) 2. Mike Alcaro 3. Alex McCollum 4. Artie Pedersen III 5. Allan Pedersen 6. Eugene Drew 7. Colin Hoeffner 8. Peter Bennett 9. Sean Verwys 10. Jeff Lefcourt 11. Ryan Wood 12. Justin Brewster 13. Matt Maring 14. Chris Hammett 15. Mark Foster

Street Stock Feature: 1. Brian Bauerfeind (Callicoon, NY) 2. Amber VanOrden 3. Gary VanOrden Sr. 4. Walt Henry 5. Bill Deak Sr. 6. Phil Funcheon 7. Larry O’Donnell 8. Patty Falkena 9. Jessica Ricci 10. Mario Contarino DNS. Tanner Granacker

Four Cylinder Expert Feature: 1. Shawn Maloney (Liberty, NY) 2. David Donovan 3. Mike Travis 4. Ivan Guerra 5. Tim Curry 6. Cody Houghtaling 7. Billy Porter 8. John Houghtaling 9. Dan Curry DNS. Skip Morris

Bandolero Feature: 1. Mike Roth (North Branch, NY) 2. Anthony Bello 3. Joey Aungst 4. Teddy Cranmer 5. Katie Verwys
Beginner Bandolero Feature: 1. Nick Archiere (Danbury, CT) 2. Justin Aungst 3. Joey Lamontagne