The ever exciting Sportsman class put forth a stout field of racers in preparation of the big $ 6900 to Win Summer of 69 race scheduled for Sunday, August 6th. Al Archiere jumped into the lead from his pole position at the outset of the race and appeared to be strong as he was able to pull away from second place running Matt Curry but the yellow quickly emerged on lap 2 in turn 3 for a seven car jingle that forced several cars out of the race with repairs. When racing resumed Archiere was able to maintain the lead until the halfway point when the yellow came out for an infield spin of Eric Moon, second place running Matt Curry got a flat tire and had to go pitside along with Milton Mann which moved current point leader Jeff Richardson up in the order to second. On the restart, Archiere and Richardson dragged race down the front chute about even with Richardson going in deep on the outside getting a slight advantage. The two ran door by door for a lap until coming out turn four when Richardson nosed ahead and took the lead at the stripe. Eleventh place starting Jackie Brown Jr, worked his way up into third place and chased down the two runners ahead, but the top three were all running strong nose to tail and nobody slipped up. Richardson picked up his fourth win of the season finishing ahead of a very strong Archiere and hard charging Brown for second and third respectively.

From the get-go of the BMS Modified holdover race from the June 24 rainout, Joe DeGracia was able to take a charging lead over Skip LaPolt on lap 3 and pull away from the field. Blair Culhane was hot on his trail, ready to reel him in given the chance to make just the right moves, but DeGracia was untouchable until a caution was brought out not quite halfway through the race. DeGracia fought tremendously to maintain his lead once the green was back out, but Culhane was able to maneuver into the first place position for the win. In Culhane’s sixth win of the season, he was followed by a straight shooting DeGracia and rookie Tyler Dachenhausen in an impressive third place finish.

Steve Galgano was determined to pick up the win in the regularly scheduled BMS Modified feature, starting strong as the race began, with Skip LaPolt at his door and John Cote in close tow. LaPolt continued to fight the high side of leader Galgano, before being overtaken by Cote on the low side. Blair Culhane was able to slide into third, as Cote fired up the high side of Galgano and took over the lead at the race halfway point. Cote was able to wrap up the race and tack on another win, raising the career count to 122, and his third of the season at Bethel. Culhane, winner of the holdover race, pulled off a second place run. Joe DeGracia, having been at the point of 5th during the race, had come up to take third.

The fan favorite street stocks were competing in one of their biggest races of the year with extra distance and double points on the line. The feature run proved to be quite a battle on the track among the class top guns. On Lap 1, the yellow was quickly waved for a melee involving several cars in turn 3 which negated two time winner Brian Bauerfeind to the rear of the field. When the race went green again, Mario Contarino lead the race until Bill Deak Sr. made a pass for the lead on lap 4. While Deak was leading, current point leader Amber VanOrden battled her way into second position with Bauerfeind and Walt Henry following her up thru the field. On Lap 9, the yellow came out as Bauerfeind and Henry tangled in turn two. When racing resumed, Deak continued to lead, until lap 14 when Deak went up in a cloud of white smoke with terminal engine failure. A. VanOrden thus inherited the lead but had significant damage to the front of her racer. Back under green, A. VanOrden was able to lead for a lap before being overtaken with the determined Bauerfeind getting into the much coveted lead. As Bauerfeind settled into the lead , the battle for second heated up between A. VanOrden and Henry until lap 27 when the two tangled coming out of turn two negating both to the rear which put Contarino back into the second position. Contarino was able to catch up to the slowing Bauerfeind in the final stage of the race and even got door to door going into turn three but wasn’t able to make the pass stick. Bauerfeind was able to defend his top position by several other attempts by the quicker Contarino to get the lead. As the checkers waved, Bauerfeind pulled the hat trick winning three features in a row and is on a hot streak, Contarino had his best run to date coming home a strong second and A. Van Orden was able to battle her way back up to take a third place finish.

Jim Sylvester was off to an able bodied start in the Legends feature event, with Alex McCollum looking to the low side from the beginning and Allan Pedersen following close behind. As laps hummed by with Sylvester having a hearty run, McCollum was soon able to make his move and scoop up the lead, leaving Sylvester and Pedersen to fight for the runner up spot. After a caution near the mid point of the race, the Legends war waged on with a roaring McCollum in the lead, Sylvester in second and Pedersen in third. The order remained the same as the checkered flag dropped, McCollum picking up win number eight in an already decorated season at the speedway followed by Sylvester and Pedersen in second and third, respectively.

Pro Stock feature again found top runners Ed Butler and Kenny Atkins doing battle against each other. This race found Butler getting to the front first as he passed Gene Morton for the lead on Lap 3 and never looked back. Atkins got his way around the fast Morton on Lap 6, and began the journey of chasing down Butler. Atkins seeked high and low on the fast running Butler but on this night the leader was too strong to be passed. Butler came home with his fourth win of the season ahead of defending champ Atkins and the Ford powered Morton.

Four Cylinder Expert proved to be an exciting feature yet again. Dan Curry took the lead from Ivan Guerra on Lap 2 and had to work hard each lap to keep it on the point. Curry had to contend with last weeks feature winner Shawn Maloney and current point leader Mike Travis. Both drivers applied a lot of pressure on Curry to try and get him to slip up, but he continued to hit his marks. At the five to go stage, Travis wheeled his car way up on the high side and got some extra momentum going and completed the outside pass about a lap later to take the lead. Maloney continued to pursue Curry on the low side but rattled him too much with contact and resulted in a post race penalty. Travis collected win number four of the season, Curry received a hard earned second and past champion Guerra got a stout third.

Four Cylinder Novice feature was a wild race which sure got the fans excited in the grandstands. Eighteen racers roared down the front stretch to take the initial green flag with Jessey Torrens jumping out into the lead until lap 3 when Cliff Levinson made a clean pass stick. Levinson continued to lead but had heavy pressure from ninth position starting Vinny Degraw. Degraw captured the lead at the halfway point and looked destined for victory but twelfth place starter Nick Curry put his skills to the test coming from deep in the pack to challenge for the lead as he reeled Degraw in at the two to go mark, Curry made his move on the inside of Degraw. As the two raced door to door down the backchute aggressive contact could be seen from the two front running cars and was only escalating creating a yellow flag condition. At that time, officials made the decision to disqualify both Degraw and Curry along with ending the race on Lap 18. Greg Cohen who was running in the catbird seat found luck on his side as he was awarded the feature win, which was his first of the season. Dan Houghtaling and Felicia Reichenbaugh ended up with a second and third place finish for the very wild ending of the race.

In the Bandolero feature, the on-point focus of Mikey Roth was evident as the he dove into the lead at the drop of the green ahead of Anthony Bello, with Joey Aungst and Teddy Cranmer side by side for spot three. Cranmer successfully captured third, then swapping again with Aungst just laps later. Bello maintained an unshakeable second, with Roth still charging for victory in the first position. Roth’s efforts proved fruitful once again as he brought in another win, lucky number 7 of the season. Bello wrapped it up in second, and Aungst pocketed third.

Dylan Abramo held on from the start of the Beginner Bandolero race, taking his third win in the rookie division at Bethel Motor Speedway this season. He was followed by fellow Bandolero drivers in training Nick Archiere in second and Justin Aungst in third, both of whom have wins this season under their belts as well.

Sportsman Feature: 1. Jeff Richardson (Goshen, NY) 2. Al Archiere 3. Jackie Brown Jr. 4. Ed Dachenhausen 5. Kyle Redner 6. Dan Dulin 7. Eric Moon 8. Shayne Spoonhower 9. Harry Hindley 10. Matt Curry 11. Milton Mann 12. Jerry Curry 13. Mike Dutka 14. Nick Plumstead 15. Rick Mill

Modified Feature: 1. John Cote (New Milford, CT) 2. Blair Culhane 3. Joe DeGracia 4. Tyler Dachenhausen 5. Skip LaPolt 6. Steve Galgano 7. Kyle Redner 8. Dick Shaddock DNS. Steve Conklin

Modified Feature Holdover: 1. Blair Culhane (Brookfield, CT) 2. Joe DeGracia 3. Tyler Dachenhausen 4. John Cote 5. Steve Galgano 6. Skip LaPolt 7. Kyle Redner DNS. Jim Fugel DNS. Stephen Kammer DNS. Eugene Drew DNS. Frank James

Legends Feature: 1. Alex McCollum (Phillipsburg, NJ ) 2. Jim Sylvester 3. Allan Pedersen 4. Brad Lowmaster 5. Steven Chapman 6. Peter Bennett 7. Colin Hoeffner 8. Artie Pedersen III 9. Jerry Curran 10. Eugene Drew 11. Sean Verwys 12. A.J. Millen 13. Matt Maring 14. Gillian Kirkpatrick 15. Paul Dodorico

Pro Stock Feature: 1. Ed Butler (Bethel, NY) 2. Kenny Atkins 3. Gene Morton 4. Jim Helt 5. Brent Shaddock 6. Art McArthur 7. Darwin Moon

Street Stock Stampede Feature: 1. Brian Bauerfeind (Callicoon, NY) 2. Mario Contarino 3. Amber VanOrden 4. Walt Henry 5. Gary VanOrden Sr. Sr. 6. Larry O’Donnell 7. Patty Falkena 8. Phil Funcheon 9. Bill Deak Sr.

Four Cylinder Expert Feature: 1. Mike Travis (Liberty, NY) 2. Dan Curry 3. Ivan Guerra 4. John Houghtaling 5. Tim Curry 6. Cody Houghtaling 7. Billy Porter 8. Kyle Welsch 9. Joe Morris 10. Shawn Maloney

Four Cylinder Novice Feature: 1. Greg Cohen (Neversink, NY) 2. Dan Houghtaling 3. Felicia Reichenbaugh 4. Tisha Curry 5. Cliff Levinson 6. Brandon Golzak 7. George VanAken 8. Nicole Nelson 9. Edwin King 10. Vernon Houghtaling 11. Tabitha Riordan 12. Jessey Torrens 13. James Grimm 14. Eddie Jones Jr. 15. Dan VanAken 16. Marisol Torrens DQ. Vinny Degraw DQ. Nick Curry

Bandolero Feature: 1. Mike Roth (North Branch, NY) 2. Anthony Bello 3. Joey Aungst 4. Katie Verwys 5. Conner Piasecki 6. Teddy Cranmer 7. Philip Abramo

Beginner Bandolero Feature: 1. Dylan Abramo (Elmwood Park, NJ) 2. Nick Archiere 3. Justin Aungst