Dauchenhausen Repeats, Gary Van Orden, Piasecki Break Through

With a threatening forecast and a quick shower at 4pm, speedway management chose to go forward
with the scheduled program, and what a show it would turn out to be!
Young Tyler Dauchenhausen became a repeat winner in the Jerry Reigle Memorial 40 lap race, after
capturing his first ever BMS Modified victory just one week earlier.
Stephen Kammer and Skip LaPolt brought the field to the green. LaPolt had the advantage by the end of
the first circuit, and jumped out to a considerable lead, with an ensuing battle being displayed by Tyler
Dauchenhausen, Joe DeGracia, John Cote, and Blair Culhane. Dauchenhausen and Degracia ran LaPolt
back down in the early laps. Dauchenhausen assumed point with fifteen in the books, with DeGracia in
his tracks. At the halfway, it was Dauchenhausen, DeGracia, Lapolt, Cote, and Culhane. By the time the
checkers flew it was Dauchenhausen, DeGracia, Culhane, Cote, and LaPolt rounding out the top five, in
the caution free event.
Jim Helt and Gene Morton lead the field of pro stocks to the green, with Morton gaining the advantage
coming out of turn four on the first circuit. The field slowed just past the halfway point for Mikey
Policastro spinning off of turn two. The restart saw Morton out front with Kenny Atkins giving chase. The
caution flew once again for a slowing Arthur McArther. The restart once again saw Morton and Atkins
the top two. Again the caution flew for contact between Helt and Ed Butler. This time the restart
showed Atkins ahead of Morton, Policastro, Brent Shaddock, and Butler. When the checkers flew it was
Atkins, Butler, Policastro, Morton, Shaddock.
Gary Van Orden broke through in the 2017 season winning the regularly scheduled Street Stock feature
for his 70th street stock win.
Mario Cantarino, Bill Deak Sr. lead the field to the green. The field was slowed for contact with Walt
Henry and Brian Bauernfiend. The restart saw Cantarino, and Gary Van Orden for the front row with
Deak, and Amber Van Orden following suit. The field was slowed again for Henry slowing on the track at
lap nine, with Gary Van Orden at the point. The restart saw a father-daughter front row of Gary and
Amber Van Orden respectively, with Bauernfiend and Cantarino giving chase. The field slowed once
again for a slow going Bauernfiend. Gary Van Orden restarted on point with Amber Van Orden giving
chase while being challenged by Walt Henry. Gary Van Orden took home the victory, with a hard fought
battle for second going to Amber Van Orden, followed by Henry, Deak, and Cantarino rounding out the
top five.
Mikey Travis pocketed another 4cylinder Expert win in commanding fashion.
Ed Jones Sr. and David Donovan brought the field to the green. By the completion of lap three Mikey
Travis had worked his way to the runner up position from his last place starting position. By the halfway
point Travis had taken the lead followed by Donovan, Shawn Maloney, Jones, and Ivan Guerra. When
the checkers flew it was Travis with a commanding lead followed by Donovan, Maloney, Jones, and
Guerra in the caution free event.
Robert Beach wins in hard fought 4 cylinder Novice division action.

Felicia Reichenbauch, and Ed Jones Jr. lead the field to the green. The field slowed twice before the first
lap was scored for the slow car of Nick Curry, and then a spin of Jones. At the halfway point it was Dan
Houghtaling, Greg Cohen, Robert Beach, Reichenbaugh, and Jones. On lap fourteen Beach wrestled the
lead from Houghtaling, with Cohen at his bumper. At the finish line it was Beach, Houghtaling, Cohen,
Curry, and Jones for the top five spots.
Gillian Kirkpatrick earned a victory in her final race before starting college this coming week.
Steve Chapman and Gillian Kirkpatrick brought the field to the green. The early laps found the
competitors streamlining around the track finding the top five being Chapman, Kirkpatrick, Brad
Lowmaster, Chris Gale, and Sean Verwys. The field was slowed for debris on the racing surface just past
the halfway mark. The field was slowed once again with fourteen in the books, as Chapman broke. The
restart saw Kirkpatrick followed by Lowmaster fighting for the top spot. When the checkers fell, it was
Kirkpatrick, Lowmaster, Gale, and Verwys rounding out the top four.
Connor Piasecki collected his first Bandolero win of the 2017 season.
Mike Roth and Connor Piasecki brought the field to the green, to start the race long battle for the top
spot. Piasecki pulled ahead of Roth, with a heated battle between Katie Verwys, and Joey Aungst for the
third position by the halfway point. Piasecki would hold off the advances of Roth followed by Verwys,
Aungst, and Phillip Abramo rounding out the top five.
The Hold-Over Street Stock Feature from June 22nd went green to checkered with Brian Bauernfiend
finding his way to the checkers once again.
Mario Cantarino and Bill Deak Sr. brought the field to the green. By the halfway mark of the event, Deak
was holding off a hard charging Bauernfiend followed by Walt Henry. Bauernfiend began to mount his
challenge for the lead, and took over the top spot with fifteen in the books. Bauernfiend stretched out
his lead in the closing laps to hold on for the victory. Deak held off the hard charging Henry, Amber Van
Orden, and Cantarino.
Nick Archiere continued his winning streak in the Beginner Bandolero Feature in commanding fashion,
as the event would go caution free.
Joey Lamontagne and Nick Archiere brought the field to green. Archiere jumped out to the lead from the
get go, and never looked back. Lamontagne and Justin Aungst fought fiercely for the number two spot,
with Aungst able to claim the runner up position on the final go round. Archiere crossed the line first,
followed by Archiere, Lamontagne, and new comer Leland Oefelein finished off the top four.

BMS Modified Feature: 1.Tyler Dauchenhausen 2.Joe DeGracia 3.Blair Culhane 4.John Cote 5.Skip LaPolt
6.Stephan Kammer 7.Robbie Konikowski

Pro Stock Feature: 1.Kenny Atkins 2.Ed Butler 3.Mikey Policastro 4.Gene Morton 5.Brent Shaddock 6.Jim
Helt 7.Arthur McArthur

Street Stock Feature: 1.Gary Van Orden 2.Amber VanOrden 3.Walt Henry 4.Bill Deak Sr. 5.Mario
Cantarino 6.Jessica Ricci 7.Brian Bauernfiend 8.Gary Gamble

Legend Feature: 1.Gillian Kirkpatrick 2.Brad Lowmaster 3.Chris Gale 4.Sean Verwys 5.Steve Chapman

Holdover Street Stock Feature: 1.Bauernfiend 2.Bill Deak Sr. 3.Walt Henry 4.Amber Van Orden 5.Mario
Cantarino 6.Gary Van Orden 7.Jessica Ricci

4 Cylinder Expert Feature: 1.Mikey Travis 2.David Donovan 3.Shawn Maloney 4.Ed Jones Sr. 5.Ivan
Guerra 6.Tim Curry

4 Cylinder Novice Feature: 1.Robert Beach 2.Dan Houghtaling 3.Greg Cohen 4.Nick Curry 5.Ed Jones Jr.
6.Felicia Reichenbaugh 7.George Van Aken 8.Clifford Levinson 9.Tabitha Riordan 10.James Curry

Bandolero Feature: 1.Connor Piasecki 2.Mike Roth 3.Katie Verwys 4.Joey Aungst 5.Phillip Abrano
6.Anthony Bello

Beginner Bandolero Feature: 1.Nick Archiere 2.Justin Aungst 3. Joey Lamontagne 4.Leland Oefelein