Coming this Saturday, September 23, 2017, we will be hosting the inaugural TJ Motorsports Street Stock Elimination Race!
This elimination race will focus on two car, two lap duels with the victorious driver continuing to another round against another driver until the last man or woman is standing to take home this much coveted victory and bragging rights. The Top 12 in street stock points are locked in to competed in these spirited match races. If some of the drivers are not in attendance or choose not compete alternates may be selected to run.
Listed below are the eligible drivers to compete in the TJ Motorsports Street Stock Elimination Race.
12. J.B. MORRIS #00, JB is a rookie in the street stock class this year after racing several years in the four cylinder classes, but he has proven to be a top runner on several occassions as he has several top 5 finishes in his red JBM Truck Repair #00
11. LARRY O’DONNELL #1, Bethel’s “Mr. Versatility” has competed in Sportsman, Pro Stock, and Street Stock this year. The former four cylinder expert champion has proven to be a top 5 contender when running in the street stock class this year.
10. PHIL FUNCHEON #18 Phil’s rookie season in street stock has had it’s ups and downs. Phil has shown the potential of winning a feature and has several top runs but he has also had his share of bad luck getting caught up in bad frontstretch crash along with have engine woes that has put him on the sidelines in recent weeks.
9. KYLE WELSCH #357 The second generation driver is now a veteran in the street stock ranks after years of success in the four cylinder ranks where he obtained a championship. Welsch has been racing part time this year, but is always a threat to win when he pulls into the pit area. Welsch currently has one feature win this season. Around this time last year, Welsch went on a hot streak picking up many feature wins and winning the Shootout Championship.
8. JESSICA RICCI # 17R The popular street stock sophomore driver is well known for her Ford powered Thunderbird. Jessica was a former top runner in the Bandolero ranks before making the job up into the street stock ranks two years ago. Jessica got caught up in an early season crash and has had overheating issues but she has persevered and finds herself sitting eighth in the point standings.
7: PATTY FALKENA # 28 Bethel’s “First Lady” is a long time competitor at the speedway since around 2003 who ran in the Four Cylinder Expert ranks for many years before making the move into street stocks about two and half years ago. Patty has run on DOT street tires all racing season and has held herwith those on the racing tires. She sits steadily in the 7th place ranking of the standings.
6. BILL DEAK SR. # 98 Deak is well known in dirt circles as he has been a winning driver at Accord, Lebanon Valley, and OCFS and has been competing for many years. This year he decided to go for a new challenge and become a regular on Bethel’s pavement. Now considered a rookie, since he is new at the track and has found it to be quite a learning experience. He has really picked up the pace since mid-season and is knocking on the door for his first feature win in his Deak Electric # 98
5. MARIO CONTARINO # 5 Mario is another rookie in the class this year, after running a partial season at Orange County Fair Speedway the previous season. Mario has proven to be a steady competitor and earned his stripes by an early season flip in the first turn. Mario turned heads by almost winning the 40 lap Street Stock Stampede earlier this year but had to be content with his second place finish. The Strictly Z/TA # 5 is a beautiful well maintained street stock and is getting quicker each week.
4. BRIAN BAUERFEIND # 07 The Four Cylinder Expert Champion moved into a new class for 2017 and has proven to be a winning contender. Bauerfeind purchased the former street stock champion winning car of Bobby Van Blarcom # 27 and has taken a liking to it. The fierce driver has powered his way to five feature victories so far this season, which is quite remarkable for his first season in the class.
3. GARY VAN ORDEN SR. # 54 “The Master of Bethel’s Street Stocks” Gary has been competing at Bethel since 1998, and is always a force to win. Gary has picked up many feature wins and championships along with carrying many Hall of Fame stats. This year Gary Sr. has been a very consitant runner and has one feature win to his credit this year. The old schoold hard knuckle racer has always proven to race you hard but clean. When you beat Gary , you have beaten Bethel’s best.
2. WALT HENRY # 171 Walt is another driver who has an impressive resume from the four cylinder ranks. The former four cylinder champ moved up into street stocks three years ago and had proven to be quite a learning experience. He picked up a big feature win in the street stock shootout race two years ago. This year he seems to be in his prime competition as he has brought home three feature win trophies and has been in the top three many times. He has proven to be one of the classes top drivers, coming deep from the pack each week and normally taking home a podium finish.He is currently in a championship title hunt with his beautiful 171 machine.
1. AMBER VAN ORDEN # 54A Known as “The Outlaw”. Amber is our current point leader and has five feature wins this year. Her driving prowess appears impeccable this year as she has stayed clear of accidents as she slices and dices coming up through the field each week from her back in the pack starting positions. The former champ is looking to add more hardware to her resume of racing achievements. Amber is the one to beat this year in the street stock ranks!
The TJ Motorsports Street Stock Elimination Race will be run just prior to intermission, with the winner taking home $150. 2nd-$100, and Third- $50.
This race has no bearing on track points, and is an optional event available to the top 12 in Bethel Street Stock points. If a regular competitor in the top 12 opts out, or is unable to participate, the 13th place car in points has the option, then 14th, and so on.
The format will be the lowest points place two cars will compete in a 2 lap dash to the checkers. The winner will then exit the track, come to the bottom of the paved pit road, and tell officials which one of the remaining competitors they would like to race, from the remaining cars left in staging. That car will then take 2 hot laps to heat up their cars, while the previous winner waits to re-enter the track. Then that car will re-enter the track and another 2 lap dash. This process will continue until we have our winner. This is a ZERO contact event. If contact is made, you are disqualified from this event.
This one’s going to be FUN folks! A special thanks to Tony from TJ Motorsports!