Hoosier Racing Tires are the Official Tires of Bethel Speedway

Official Bethel Speedway Announcement, April 2 nd , 2018:
Hoosier Racing Tires are the official tires for the 2018 racing season at Bethel Speedway. East
Coast Speed, Middletown, NY, will be the distributor for Hoosier Tires at Bethel Speedway. A
limited inventory of Hoosier Tires will be available at Bethel Speedway. Arrangements should
be made in advance to get tires at the track.
In order to receive point fund money and contingency awards from either Hoosier Tire or East
Coast Speed, Hoosier decals must be displayed on upper front door, both sides of the race car.
The driver and car owner must be members of Bethel Speedway to receive point fund money.
DIRT Sportsman must race on four (4) Hoosier dirt Modified tires. Compounds available are D-
300 (Soft)(front tires only), D-400 (Hard), D-500 (Extra Hard) on right rear only.
BMS Mods, Pro Stock, & Street Stock must race on four (4) G-60 Hoosier race tires. There are
two cast sizes of the Hoosier G-60 tires, and all are the same compound. The retail price for
the Hoosier G-60 is $115.00 plus sales tax.
Note: These 4 race divisions listed above will have until May 31st to use up all other brand of
race tires. After June 1 st , all 4 above divisions MUST be on Hoosier racing tires.
Please read individual division rules, or special event rules for any provisions, or variations of
the above rules.