Pit Crew / Fan Uniform Contest

Bethel Motor Speedway is pleased to announce that on this Saturday, April 28th will be our Pit Crew/Fan
Uniform Contest to be held during our intermission on the front stretch at the speedway.
We encourage all race teams to get their pit crews and dedicated fans dressed up with uniformity and to
promote the race team & sponsors they are affiliated with. Uniformed race teams generally have
matching shirts, hats, buttons, ribbons, banners, signs, etc. to show their dedication of their favorite team.
Often the uniforms match the race cars colors and can display their drivers name, car number, and
This year we will be doing a contest, which will be judged off a combination of the following criteria:
Creativity, Professionalism, Styling, and the amount of Pit Crew/Fans per race team.
The Pit Crew/Fan Contest will have a prizes to the Top 3 in the contest. Prizes will go to the senior driver
of each race team. Come out and be a part of the Pit Crew/Fan Uniform Contest on Saturday, April 28th
at the Speedway. Show your colors, support your race team & sponsors!
Next Saturday, May 5 th is Little League Night, Free admission to all students in baseball uniforms. (Batter
up!) All Classes will be racing plus a BMS Mods30 lap feature event. (Double Points).