June, 30th 2018:
As a prelude to our nation’s birthday, it was hot, sunny, and humid with temperatures in
the mid 90’s. Depite the high heat index, the racing was even hotter with plenty of
excitement for those in attendance.

The Extreme Kleaner Sportsman found round two of the Tri-Co Electric Sportsman
Challenge Series with their firecracker feature. At the start, polesitter Dan Dulin jumped
out into the lead and began to click away the laps in strong fashion. On Lap 8, Rick Mill
and Ed Dachenhausen found themselves improving from their mid-pack starting
positions and nipping at the rear bumper of Dulin while they battled wheel to wheel for
second position. Dulin continued to hold his ground leading while dealing with heavy
pressure from Dachenhausen on the inside and Mill on the outside. On Lap 14, Mill kept
even with Dulin on the outside down the backstretch giving him opportunity to capture
the lead. Mill then twisted his mount on the highside in turn 3 with much momentum and
got the move to stick as he powered ahead of Dulin coming out of turn four.
Dachenhausen then dashed ahead of Dulin to take second one lap later and began to
challenge the leader Mill. Dachenhausen maintained his low line and made a couple of
charges for the lead but could not get Mill to slip up the track. At the checkers, Mill
scorched ahead to the finish line with his Armistead Mechanical #77 closely followed by
Dachenhausen and the impressive Dulin finishing third.

In Interstate Battery Asphalt Modifieds, Skip LaPolt is no stranger to the speedway, but
this season has found the veteran chauffeur making limited appearances. Although he
has been absent, he did not forget the fast way around the bullring. LaPolt brought the
thunder on this night as he bolted from his pole position at the start and dominated the
feature leading every lap to his first victory of the season in his PJ Degracia # 5L
machine. While LaPolt was leading there was a good battle for the rest of the positions.
Steve Conklin passed a strong running Mike Dutka for second on Lap 4. However,
Wayne Kirkpatrick and Tyler Dachenhausen were making some good moves and
coming up through the field as well. Kirkpatrick muscled his way past Conklin for second
at the halfway point but Dachenhausen found the highside to his liking. For the last final
laps of the race Dachenhausen was in a rail on the outside going around Conklin for
third but getting Kirkpatrick for second in the same manner. Dachenhausen set his
sights on the leader LaPolt and closed in but quickly ran out of time. Kirkpatrick finished
third over Conklin.

INEX Legends feature action found Chris Gall jumping out into the lead at the start. Gall
drove exceptionally strong on this night as he continued to hit his marks each lap
despite dealing with the pressure from current point leader Mike Policastro. At the finish
line, Gall picked up his first career feature win at Bethel in his DeGracia Contracting #34
over a very quick Policastro. Sean Verwys came home in third position.

Hometown Hero, Ed Butler cruised to an easy victory to pick up his third win of the
season in the Interstate Battery Pro Stocks. Butler charged from his third starting
position to overtake veteran campaigner Larry O’Donnell for the lead on Lap 4 and
never looked back. O’Donnell stayed steady in second with a returning Glenn Richard
taking home third despite a strong challenge from veteran John Rood at the checkers.

Excitement was plentiful in Shakelton Auto Parts Street Stock action. Returning top gun
Kevin Skelly took the lead at the outset over veteran Joel Murns. Skelly appeared to be
on cruise control as the rest of the pack waged a fierce battle with double points on the
line for this night. Bill Deak Sr. was the first to come up from deep in the pack and
began to challenge Murns for second despite heavy lap traffic. On Lap 14, Brian
Bauerfeind was the next challenger to come from the back and was able to muscle his
way past Deak Sr on the inside of turn 3. On a restart, Bauerfeind passed Murns for
second position on Lap 17 and began to set his sights on the leader Skelly who had
now lost his large lead. Skelly continued to run flawless and came across the line ahead
of Bauerfeind and Murns at the finish. During post-race inspection, Skelly was found
with a minor weight percentage deviation thus shuffling the running order and crediting
Bauerfeind with his second win of the season, Murns second, and hard charger Kyle
Welsch moved to third in the finishing order.

Four Cylinder feature racing found a seventh different winner in as many events as
long-time campaigner Dan Curry captured his first feature victory of the season. Curry
led all twenty laps but had to contend with a returning former champion Ivan Guerra.
Curry proved to be too strong on this night and Guerra settled for second with current
point leader Cliff Levinson finishing in third position.

Bandoleros saw Mike Roth making a fifth position to first position power move at the
start of the feature. Roth continued his dominance in the class and collected his seventh
victory of the season, Joey Aungst scored another runner-up finish, with Katie Verwys
collecting third position on the last lap. Beginner Bandolero action found Monica
Deckelman collecting her first career win after a race long battle with young gun Kaden

Results :

Sportsman Feature : 1. Rick Mill, New Windsor, NY 2. Ed Dachenhausen 3. Dan Dulin
4. Paul Martin 5. Jerry Curry 6. Rich Coons 7. Matt Curry

Modified Feature: 1. Skip LaPolt, Swan Lake, NY 2. Tyler Dachenhausen 3. Wayne
Kirkpatrick 4. Steve Conklin 5. Joe DeGracia 6. John Cote 7. Stephen Kammer 8. Scott
Quick 9. Joe McCarthy 10. Mike Dutka

Legends Feature: 1. Chris Gall, Brick, NJ 2. Mike Policastro 3. Sean Verwys 4. Kenny
Hopkins 5. Jeffrey Lefcourt

Pro Stock Feature: 1. Ed Butler, Bethel, NY 2. Larry O’Donnell 3. Glenn Richard 4.
John Rood 5. Gary Gamble

Street Stock Feature: 1. Brian Bauerfeind, Callicoon, NY 2. Joel Murns 3. Kyle Welsch
4. Bill Deak Sr. 5. Walt Henry 6. Corey Stanton 7. Dan Houghtaling 8. Patty Falkena 9.
Frank Maiori 10. Jeff Hager 11. Eddie Jones Jr. 12. Phil Funcheon 13. Jessica Ricci 14.
Kevin Skelly

Four Cylinder Feature: 1. Dan Curry, Swan Lake, NY 2. Ivan Guerra 3. Cliff Levinson
4. Cody Houghtaling 5. Tabitha Riordan 6. George VanAken 7. Felicia Reichenbaugh 8.
Alec Graham 9. Richard Smith

Bandolero Feature: 1. Mike Roth, North Branch, NY 2. Joey Aungst 3. Katie Verwys 4.
Justin Aungst 5. Brian Rygielski 6. Nick Archiere

Beginner Bandos: 1. Monica Deckelman, Fremont Center, NY 2. Kaden Rogers