Since a questionable technical inspection in the Sportsman division one night in early June at
Bethel Speedway, changes to the tech staff and inspection procedures were made, and General
Manager George Van Arsdall, Jr, being a former tech inspector for the facility, is getting
involved in the more complex inspections. “I know racers are talking about that night. We are
rectifying the problem, and cracking down on this” says Van Arsdall.

This past Saturday night Bethel made a statement by bypassing the puffer gauge, as it is known
to the racing world, (a gauge that measures engine displacement, and also the gauge that
helped present the questionable inspection) and went straight to a tear down on the top cars.
Rick Mill, the car from the questionable inspection, and Ed Dauchenhausen, were both found to
be legal by Bethel’s Sportsman Rules. “Sometimes you have to put the talk to bed, and I believe
we did that on Saturday. We want racers to know we are striving to make sure everyone is
legal, not just in this division, but all of the divisions that race here. I’m glad they were both
found legal, so now maybe we can concentrate on what we are all here for….RACING!”
exclaimed Van Arsdall.