August 25th, 2018:

Knowledge was the key this past Saturday as Bethel Motor Speedway opened its gates to near perfect weather conditions. The track was rewarded with good car counts and many excited fans as we honored the late Eddy Lindstadt a former four cylinder champion and track announcer at the speedway. The very popular racer who loved to laugh and cheer people up, passed away suddenly in 2017. The four cylinder class that Lindstadt competed in was in the spotlight with one on one elimination races, heats, feature, and concluded with an enduro. Also, it was trivia night at the track which saw all the current point leaders each teamed with a super fan competing against each other in a trivia contest. Sportsman point leader Ed Dachenhausen picked up his first career trivia contest win over street stock’s Walt Henry and pro stock’s Ed Butler.

The Extreme Kleaner Sportsman feature found racing school teacher Bill Papula picking up his first career Sportsman feature win at Bethel. Papula who started second jumped out into the lead on the first lap and was exceptionally strong on this night. Lap 6, found top gun Rick Mill moving past Rich Coons to capture second place from his eighth starting position. On two restarts, was when Mill was able to show some teeth on Papula where he could get next to the leader but was unable to clear a winning pass. At the halfway point, defending champion Jeff Richardson worked by Coons for third place and set his sights on the front two leader. Papula continued to hit his marks in each period of the race with Mill chasing right behind on his rear bumper. At the dual checkers it was Papula taking his first win of the season by three quarters of a car length over Mill. Previous week winner Jeff Richardson came home third.

The nailbiting race of the night had to be the Interstate Batteries BMS Modifieds. Stephen Kammer jumped out into the early lead but quickly saw second place running Scott Quick spinning in turn 2 to bring out the caution. On the restart, seasoned veteran driver John Cote maneuvered past Kammer to take the lead. Meanwhile, a returning Steve Galgano moved his way up from his eighth starting position and began to challenge Cote for the lead. Cote was able to neutralize any challenge Galgano had and even began to pull away from him. Skip LaPolt was running third but after the halfway point he found a groove on the outside to his liking and quickly reeled in Galgano. With five laps to go, the leader Cote began to show sparks underneath and was experiencing a severe handling problem going into the turns. Galgano and LaPolt pulled in on the leader quickly and it became a three horse race for the lead. At two laps to go, Cote continued to hang on to the lead with Galgano nipping away at the inside and with LaPolt gaining momentum on the outside. Coming off turn 4 on the final lap, LaPolt pulled off a calculated crossover move, threading the needle between third place running Galgano and the leader Cote. At the checkers, LaPolt robbed Cote of the feature win by a bumper to take home his third feature win of the season over the ever close cars of Cote and Galgano with the crowd roaring at the amazing finish.

Interstate Battery Pro Stock feature found a returning Gene Morton in his famous Ford Thunderstang outgunning fellow Ford competitor John Roese to take the lead with Roese lurking close behind. On Lap 4, Mac Crawson made a power move to overtake Roese for second and quickly caught the leader Morton. Just prior to halfway, Crawson dashed to the inside of Morton in turn 3 but found the space wasn’t large enough to hold a line and resulted in the yellow flag coming out relegating both cars to the rear of the field. Defending Champ Ed Butler was riding quietly in third inherited the lead and quickly outdistanced the field on the restart. Roese contently ran in second trying to close the gap on the leader but found Crawson challenging him for position after a late race restart. With the white flag flying, Crawson made a power move down the frontstretch getting even with Roese going into turn 1. As the two cars came out of turn 2, Crawson captured second place from Roese. At the finish line, red hot Butler cruised to his seventh feature win of the season in his Tavern on Main # 32 over Crawson and Roese.

Jeffrey Lefcourt was the early leader in the Legends feature but soon found a returning Brad Lowmaster making an inside move stick to take the lead from Lefcourt in turn 3 on Lap 3. Lowmaster looked strong and didn’t miss a beat from his long absence but the yellow flew on Lap 9 for a spinning Mike Policastro in turn two. The restart proved to be the most important part of the race as Lowmaster spun his tires ever so slightly and second place running Sean Verwys capitalized on the outside and seized the lead going into turn 1. Verwys who has been knocking on victory lane’s door all season continued to lead despite several late race cautions. With five laps to go, third place running Eugene Drew made contact with Lowmaster which sent him spinning in turn two. Both cars were relegated to the rear which moved Policastro into second position. Verwys continued to lead over Policastro in the final few laps to pick up his much coveted first career Legends feature victory at Bethel in the Corvino & Verwys Tax Services # 88v over Policastro and a rallying Lowmaster to take third at the checkers.

Shakelton Napa Street Stocks had the crowd cheering in a very exciting feature concluding with a close finish between two of the region’s best street stock drivers. Longtime competitor Ray Tarantino jumped out to the early lead over rookie Corey Stanton leading until Lap 6, when a hard charging Kyle Welsch made a strong frontstretch pass to overtake Tarantino for the lead going into turn one. Welsch who started in eighth position began to pull away from the field which found many position changes each lap. Just prior to halfway, Joel Murns got past Tarantino for second and began his search to find the leader. One lap later found Corey Stanton capturing third from Tarantino and began to close the gap on second place running Murns. Meanwhile, the hurricane Walt Henry was on a blazing trail on the outside racing forward from his tenth starting position. Henry found lap traffic to his liking as he was able to get by Stanton for third then Murns for second while they were negotiating lap traffic. Lap 14 found the yellow coming out which erased Welsch’s big lead and put the current point leader Henry on his tail for the restart. The final five laps of racing proved to be a shootout between the two drivers as Henry made several daring charges both high and low. With two laps to go, Bill Deak Sr made an inside pass in turn four to take third position from Murns. On the final lap, Henry made a final attempt to shake the leader Welsch but with the checkers waving it was Kyle Welsch beating Walt Henry by half a car length to take his third feature win of the season in the TJ Motorsports # 357 for a crowd pleasing victory.

Four Cylinder feature action was on center stage as the area’s best drivers came out to pay tribute to former four cylinder racer Eddy Lindstadt who passed away suddenly in 2017. The full field of cars provided plenty of racing action for the fans often going three wide as they all wanted to win on this special night. Eddie Jones Jr was the races early leader while there was several cautions in the early stages of the race. A Lap 8 restart found tenth starting Dan Curry on the outside in second position. D. Curry who has been on a two month hot streak made the outside work and climbed into the lead at the halfway point getting by Jones Jr. It was no easy task for Curry to win on this night as a very competitive Shawn Maloney, David Donovan, and Ivan Guerra all chased him closely for the second half of the race. Maloney lost power on lap 14 dropping him out of the race but Donovan and Guerra continued to put pressure on D. Curry. At the checkers, D. Curry’s dominance continued as he picked up his eighth win of the season over Donovan and Guerra.

Enduro racing action found David Donovan outgunning Cody Houghtaling in a very competitive enduro race. Richard Smith did some hard charging to finish third.

Four Cylinder elimination racing saw the return of popular driver Mike Travis into the event. The defending champion made a rare start count as he conquered all as it came down to a 2 lap shootout between him and red hot Dan Curry. Travis and Curry stayed side by side but at the finish line it was Travis by a fender over Curry.

The Sullivan Engine # 8 of Mike Roth easily cruised to his fourteenth victory of the season over Joey Aungst and Katie Verwys in the INEX Bandolero feature.

Monika Deckelman led every lap to take home her third win of the season in the Beginner Bandolero class over Kaden Rogers and Ty Smith.

Results :

Sportsman Feature: 1. Bill Papula, Matamoras, PA 2. Rick Mill 3. Jeff Richardson 4. Rich Coons 5. Dan Dulin 6. Jerry Curry 7. Chris Cook 8. Harry Hindley 9. Ed Dachenhausen

Modified Feature: 1. Skip LaPolt, Swan Lake, NY 2. John Cote 3. Steve Galgano 4. Mike Dutka 5. Tyler Dachenhausen 6. Steve Conklin 7. Scott Quick 8. Stephen Kammer 9. Ron Richter

Pro Stock Feature: 1. Ed Butler, Bethel, NY 2. Mac Crawson 3. John Roese 4. Glenn Richard 5. Porter Crawson 6. Gene Morton 7. Gary Gamble 8. Larry O’Donnell 9. John Rood

Legends Feature: 1. Sean Verwys, E. Stroudsburg, PA 2. Mike Policastro 3. Brad Lowmaster 4. Eugene Drew 5. Jeffrey Lefcourt 6. Conner Piasecki

Street Stock Feature: 1. Kyle Welsch, Narrowsburg, NY 2. Walt Henry 3. Bill Deak Sr. 4. Bill Deak Jr. 5. Joel Murns 6. Brian Bauerfeind 7. Ray Tarantino 8. Patty Falkena 9. Frank Maiori 10. Corey Stanton 11. Dan Houghtaling 12. Phil Funcheon 13. Phil Funcheon 14. Jessica Ricci 15. A.J. Atkins DNS. Larry O’Donnell

Four Cylinder Feature: 1. Dan Curry, Swan Lake, NY 2. David Donovan 3. Ivan Guerra 4. George Van Aken 5. Tisha Curry 6. Nicole Nelson 7. John Houghtaling 8. Travis Cogswell 9. Eddie Jones Jr. 10. Tabitha Riordan 11. Jake Oswald 12. JW Gannon 13. Ed King 14. Cliff Levison 15. Shawn Maloney 16. Richard Smith

Bandolero Feature: 1. Mike Roth, North Branch, NY 2. Joey Aungst 3. Katie Verwys 4. Brian Rygielski 5. Nick Archiere 6. Justin Aungst

Beg. Bandos Feature: 1. Monika Deckelman, Fremont Center, NY 2. Kaden Rogers 3. Ty Smith 4. Leland Oefelein

Enduro Feature: 1. David Donovan, Neversink, NY 2. Cody Houghtaling 3. Richard Smith 4. Nicole Nelson 5. Travis Cogswell 6. Todd Gadoury 7. JW Gannon 8. Jake Oswald 9. Ed King 10. Mike Travis 11. Ethan Cogswell 12. Shawn Maloney 13. George Van Aken 14. Eugene Drew