September 15th, 2018:


TAM Enterprises and Tri-Co Electric presented the final leg of the Sportsman Asphalt Challenge Series for the Extreme Kleaner Sportsman this past Saturday at Bethel Motor Speedway. The extra distance forty lap feature had additional purse money added in along with a separate series point fund, the race itself paid $1,000 to the winner. Jerry Curry brought the field down to the green and jumped out to the early lead with heavy pressure from second starting Ed Dachenhausen. Curry continued to lead, racing wheel to wheel with Dachenhausen for several laps. On lap 5, Dachenhausen captured sole possession of the lead from Curry and began to pull away. Curry soon found himself being challenged by veteran campaigner Rick Mill for second spot. The two hard charging drivers diced it out for many laps, until a lap 16 restart found Mill powering ahead to take second. Mill was able to track down Dachenhausen closing the gap in lapped traffic to the leader’s rear bumper. The two drivers found themselves pretty even has Mill could not find the gusto to mount a charge for the lead, except a few times on some late race restarts. Mill was able to get up to the rear wheel of Dachenhausen but not enough to develop a pass line for the lead. The last five laps of the race, Dachenhausen was able to open up a larger gap on the runner-up has Mill began to pick up a tight condition in the turns. At the checkers, Dachenhausen picked up his eighth feature win of the season in the Scot Sanford owned Brookfield Glass # 18s over Mill and Curry. Mill was the winner of the three race Sportsman Asphalt Challenge series over Dachenhausen and Curry.


Feature racing for the Interstate Batteries Modifieds found Mike Dutka catapulting into the championship race as he wired the field in exciting action to pick up his second feature of the season in the Active Automotive # 11. The first half of the race Dutka had to contend with former champion, Steve Conklin who hounded him on the outside lane pushing his car’s limits to pick up the lead. Despite Conklin’s challenges, Dutka never wavered and continued to lead the race. Tyler Dachenhausen and Joe DeGracia emerged in the second half of the race both getting by Conklin to move into second and third respectively. However, neither could find the power to pass Dutka for the lead in the closing stages of the race. At the stripe it was Dutka followed by Dachenhausen and DeGracia.


The track’s longest running class of Pro Stocks paid tribute to a very memorable and honorable Les Quick Sr. who was a keen supporter of the speedway and its competitors. Quick who passed away suddenly at work several years ago was always known to give a helping hand to all of those needing it. On this night, the pro stocks ran Twin 20 features in Quick’s honor. Defending Champion, Ed Butler continued his dominance and hot streak in the class by winning both features in his Tavern on Main # 32. Butler battled it out with two second generation chauffeurs whose fathers found much success in the speedway’s past. The first feature feature saw a wheel to wheel battle with Gene Morton, son of Dale. Morton who wheels the popular ford powered Thunderstang, led until five laps to go when the Chevy power of Butler surged ahead in the final laps of the race. The second feature found Josh Wilbur, son of Jim racing Butler through the field and overtaking the lead from rookie Porter Crawson at the halfway point. Wilbur continued to lead until five laps to go, when again Butler’s horsepower prevailed and overtook the lead from the determined Wilbur in exciting action. Butler now has eleven feature wins this season in the pro stock class.


Crate Sportsman racing found Rich Coons coming from last to first to pick up his fourth victory of the season in the part time racing division. Coons took the lead on lap 6 with a high side pass going into turn 3 to take over the lead from rookie Chris Cook. Coons then cruised to victory in the West Point Tours # 27 over Cook and Bryan Jones.


The Shakelton Auto Parts Street Stocks again proved to be where the action is. The feature found drivers going three even four wide at times as they raced each other feverishly. The finish proved to be wild with a street stock flipping towards the checker flags on an epic last lap that will be remembered for a long time by many in attendance. The race started out with a side by side duel between Ray Tarantino and Frank Maiori. Lap 6 found the rookie Maiori taking the lead over Tarantino with Patty Falkena running third. At the races halfway point, seventh starting Bill Deak Jr, moved past Falkena to take third. One lap later, Deak Jr powered ahead of Tarantino and quickly closed the gap on the leader Maiori. Deak Jr. showed patience as he chased Maiori until lap 16 when Maiori slipped up slightly in turn 2 which allowed a snug inside lane maneuver by Deak Jr. to take the lead down the backstretch. With two laps to go, Deak Jr began to pull away from Maiori as the second place runner began to feel much pressure from Larry O’Donnell and Kyle Welsch both on the inside and the outside. The final lap found Maiori going into turn 3 with a full head of steam trying to hold onto second, but the rookie driver swept up a lane and contacted the outside running Welsch, resulting in a hard spin. Maiori slowed and moved to the inside to avoid the spinning Welsch but soon found O’Donnell making hard contact to the rear of Maiori resulting in a flip of O’Donnell’s car coming out of turn 4 towards the checkers. At the finish line, Deak Jr took the checkers for the second time this season in his Deak Electric # 86, followed by an emerging Kevin Skelly in second closely followed by Tarantino in third. O’Donnell, Welsch, and Maiori all were collected in the dramatic crash, but all drivers were okay.


Legends feature racing saw Chris Gall capitalizing on a car dropping to the rear in staging to take full advantage of a pole start. Gall did not falter leading every lap in the 25 lap feature despite heavy pressure from current points leader Mike Policastro. Policastro made one last final challenge on the last lap but came up about half a car length short as Gall picked up his second win of the season at the stripe. James Anderson finished a steady third position.


The Bandolero feature proved to excite as the young top guns provided a barnburner in their feature which found defending champion, Mike Roth rallying in the last five laps of the race to get by Joey Aungst for second on lap 11. Roth and his Sullivan Engine # 8 then quickly reeled in leader Brian Rygielski who was seeking his first overall win of the season. On the final lap, Rygielski had Roth making an inside charge down the backstretch, Rygielski left Roth the inside lane going into turn 3, Roth took full advantage and capitalized on the opening to get side by side coming out of turn 4 coming towards the finish line. At the checkers, it was Roth sneaking into the lead by a bumper to collect the victory over the strong running Rygielski. Aungst closely followed to take a third place finish.


Monika Deckelman dominated the Beginner Bandos feature leading every lap to pick up her fifth win of the season over Ty Smith and Leland Oefelein.


Results :

Sportsman Feature: 1. Ed Dachenhausen, Danbury, CT 2. Rick Mill 3. Jerry Curry 4. Bill Papula 5. Al Archiere 6. Jeff Richardson 7. Rich Coons 8. Bryan Jones 9. Bob Jashembowski 10. Craig Pritchard 11. Chris Cook 12. Dan Dulin 13. Matt Curry

Modified Feature: 1. Mike Dutka, Gardiner, NY 2. Tyler Dachenhausen 3. Joe DeGracia 4. Steve Conklin 5. John Cote 6. Stephen Kammer 7. Steve Galgano 8. Scott Quick

Pro Stock Twin 20 Feature # 1: 1. Ed Butler, Bethel, NY 2. Gene Morton 3. Mac Crawson 4. Joe Barnes 5. Porter Crawson 6. Josh Wilbur 7. Gary Gamble

Pro Stock Twin 20 Feature # 2: 1. Ed Butler, Bethel, NY 2. Josh Wilbur 3. Mac Crawson 4. Joe Barnes 5. Porter Crawson 6. Gene Morton DNS. Gary Gamble

Street Stock Feature: 1. Bill Deak Jr. Bantam, CT 2. Kevin Skelly 3. Ray Tarantino 4. Joel Murns 5. Ryan Brockner 6. AJ Atkins 7. Bill Deak Sr. 8. Walt Henry 9. Brian Bauernfeind 10. Patty Falkena 11. Dan Houghtaling 12. Frank Maiori 13. Kyle Welsch 14. Larry O’Donnell 15. Mike Mergendahl 16. Anthony Siano DNS. Ernie Millen

Crate Sportsman Feature: 1. Rich Coons, Montgomery, NY 2. Chris Cook 3. Bryan Jones 4. Bob Jashembowski  

Legends Feature: 1. Chris Gall, Brick, NJ 2. Mike Policastro 3. James Anderson 4. Connor Piasecki 5. Sean Verwys

Bandolero Feature: 1. Mike Roth, North Branch, NY 2. Brian Rygielski 3. Joey Aungst 4. Katie Verwys 5. Evan Rygielski 6. Logan Clark 7. Justin Aungst 8. Jeffrey Noe

Beg. Bandos Feature: 1. Monika Deckelman, Fremont Center, NY 2. Ty Smith 3. Leland Oefelein 4. Jordan Smith