October 13th, 2018:

Bethel Motor Speedway held it’s ‘Catskill Clash’ which brought a special race program of short track racing this past Saturday to the popular speedway. Despite a dismal morning of damp weather, the track crew perservered with the grounds to bring in a fun Autumn afternoon of racing!

Al Archiere in his McCarthy Aluminum #21x, pulled a hat trick as he picked up his third feature victory in a row in the Extreme Kleaner Sportsman. The race proved to be a very thrilling race that culminated with an exciting three-wide dash to the finish line. Archiere had much pressure from successful racing veterans Ed Dachenhausen and Rick Mill. Dachenhausen made several attempts to pass Archiere on the inside but was unable to get Archiere to slip on the needed real estate to make a pass stick. Dachenhausen then went to the outside of Archiere with the laps winding down in the 30-lap feature with the two to go flags being displayed, this opened the door for Mill wheel in to the the rear of Archiere’s bumper. Going into turn 3 on the final lap, found Archiere and Dachenhausen side by side. Archiere slid up the track to the middle lane, which Mill smartly predicted to crossover for and pitched his car into the available inside lane. Meanwhile, Dachenhausen had to lift ever slightly to avoid contact with the outside wall as the three cars charged side by side to the checkers. At the line it was Archiere in the middle lane coming across first by mere inches over the inside running Mill, with Dachenhausen an ever close third on the outside lane.

A strong field of Legends racers came out for their feature with polesitter Brad Lowmaster jumping out to take the early lead but quickly found Daniel Carter working by for the lead on lap 1. Lowmaster then began to get pressure from Vinny Delaney for second position until lap 8 when Delaney dropped off pace and headed to the pits which found Kevin Nowak and Jeff Otto Jr. in a third place battle. Nowak secured third spot and began to work on Lowmaster for second as Carter continued to pace the field. Also, on the move was Matt Maring as he was working his way up through the pack from his eighth starting position. Nowak charged by Lowmaster to take second and began to close the gap on the leader Carter as they began to encounter lap traffic. Lap 21 found Maring taking third from Lowmaster and started his chase to catch Nowak. At the checkers, it was Carter holding off Nowak and Maring who picked up a flawless win for his second victory of the season at Bethel.

Interstate Battery Asphalt Modified action found a side by side duel for many laps as Skip LaPolt and Tyler Dachenhausen battled for the lead. The two leaders swapped positions several times until the outside running Dachenhausen began to slowly pull ahead when LaPolt began to develop a slight tight condition in the center of the corners. At the checkers it was Dachenhausen taking home the win in the Mike Barrett Plumbing # 92 over LaPolt and a returning Joey McCarthy.

2018 Pro Stock Champion Ed Butler found himself in an unexpected barnburner in the Interstate Batteries pro stock feature despite his up front starting position. Butler found himself in a heated battle for the lead with an invading street stock ace Kevin Skelly who entered the class for the day. The two drivers raced door to door with Mac Crawson closely behind in third position. Skelly was the strongest coming out of turn four where he made several attempts to get by Butler down the front chute several times, but Butler was able to close the door each time going into turn one. On the final lap, Skelly made a final power pitch off turn four to counter in for an inside pass but came up just short at the checkers as Butler held on for his twelfth victory of the season with his Tavern on Main # 32 machine.

The Super Street Stock feature lived up to its name as a Catskill Clash literally as four drivers battled tooth and nail, all determined to bring home a feature victory. Josh Wilbur jumped out into the early lead with Kyle Welsch on the outside. Wilbur continued to lead until Kevin Skelly made an inside charge off turn 4 to take the lead on lap 13. One lap later, found Wilbur charging hard into turn three and contacting the leader Skelly and collecting third place running Welsch. Brian Bauernfeind drove through the minefield of spinning cars to skillfully collect the lead. Bauernfeind continued to lead while Skelly and Welsch battled hard for second which found a spirited battle ending with a clash in turn 3 as Welsch made hard contact with Skelly causing the two to spin. Lap 21 found a battle for the lead ending with another spinning clash of the leaders with second place running Wilbur making contact and spinning the leader Bauernfeind forcing both drivers to the pits. Skelly proved to be the last man standing in the rough and tumble race as he was able to defend the lead over Welsch in a comfortable margin to pick up his third win of the season in the Deckelman Trucking # 67.

Four cylinder action found two enduro experts David Donovan and Mike Travis racing hard against each other for the victory. Travis led the first half of the race until Donovan’s car began to out handle the leader and pulled off a pass. Donovan beat Travis to the checkers by a car length to pick up his third feature win of the season.

Enduro action found David Donovan picking up the win over Joe Smith and Nicole Nelson.

Results :

Sportsman Feature: 1. Al Archiere, Danbury, CT 2. Rick Mill 3. Ed Dachenhausen 4. Bill Papula 5. Jerry Curry 6. Chris Cook 7. Rich Coons

Legends Feature: 1. Daniel Carter, Cortland, NY 2. Kevin Nowak 3. Matt Maring 4. Brad Lowmaster 5. Chris Rogers 6. Sean Verwys 7. Joe Graf Jr. 8. Jeff Otto Jr. 9. Eugene Drew 10. Jonathan Parsons 11. Steve Coleman 12. Mike Benton 13. Jeffrey Lefcourt 14. Patrick Moore 15. Quinn Trimmer 16. Jeff Farruggia 17. Richie Davidowitz 18. Steve Woytysiak 19. Vinny Delaney

Asphalt Modified Feature: 1. Tyler Dachenhausen, Danbury, CT 2. Skip LaPolt 3. Joey McCarthy 4. Willie Nickerson

Pro Stock Feature: 1. Ed Butler, Bethel, NY 2. Kevin Skelly 3. Mac Crawson 4. Josh Wilbur 5. Jim Helt 6. Porter Crawson 7. AJ Atkins 8. Vinny Stanton Sr. 9. Blaine Barry DNS. Mike Houghtaling

Super Street Stock Feature: 1. Kevin Skelly, North Branch, NY 2. Kyle Welsch 3. Corey Stanton 4. Jesse Murphy 5. Brian Bauernfeind 6. Josh Wilbur 7. Gerard Lawrence

Four Cylinder Feature: 1. David Donovan, Neversink, NY 2. Mike Travis 3. Richard Smith 4. Todd Gadoury 5. Nicole Nelson 6. Jeff DeGroat 7. Bryan Zeininger 8. Joe Smith

Enduro Feature: 1. David Donovan, Neversink, NY 2. Joe Smith 3. Nicole Nelson 4. Don Kuhn 5. Mike Travis 6. Tyler White 7. Todd Gadoury 8. Richard Smith 9. Shawn Maloney