FAN-Tasy Fun

Open to anyone in the grandstands age 18 and under. Eligibility and age group are determined by age on 4/27/13. Forms can be obtained at the front gate booth and must be turned in by the conclusion of intermission. NO EXCEPTIONS! Prizes are awarded weekly for the highest finisher in each class (under 12 and 12-18). Those age 12-18 keep points weekly towards an end-of-the-season prize.

How it works: Pick the driver you think will win in each division, and turn it in at the front gate booth by the conclusion of intermission. If the driver you chose wins, you get 5 points. Second is worth three points, and third is worth one point. We will tally your total for ALL divisions combined, and the highest scorer wins a prize (varies weekly) to be handed out at the next event.

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