LegendStock Returns to Bethel Motor Speedway
August 6, 2016

(Aug. 7th Rain Date)

$10,000 Purse and Growing

$3,000 to win!

LegendStock IX

Come experience the most exciting and highest paying Legends race in the Northeast.  Big money, Great racing and Awesome trophies.  INEX sanctioned race.

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LegendStock IX – August 6th, 2016 (8/9/2016) - LEGENDSTOCK IX FEATURE FINISH (50 laps): 1. Alex McCollum (YL), 2. Carson Ferguson (P), 3. Mike Alcaro (P), 4. Teddy Hodgdon (SP), 5. Noah Korner (SP), 6. Richie Coy (M), 7. Joe Graf (M), 8. Gillian Kirkpatrick (SP), 9. Eric Hersey (P), 10. Matt Mead (SP), 11. Brendon Bock (P), 12. Chris Hammett (SP), 13. Dylan Hoffman (SP), 14. Dusty Summers (P), 15. Stephen Brewer (SP), 16. Giovanni Bromante (YL), 17. Allan Pedersen (SP), 18. Artie Pedersen III (P), 19. Jerry Macchia (YL), 20. Joseph Graf (P), 21. Andrew Molleur (YL), 22. Matt Maring (P), 23. Stephen Hershey (P), 24.… Read More »
McCOLLUM SCORES BIG AT ALLIANCE SHIPPERS’ LEGENDSTOCK IX (8/9/2016) - BETHEL, NY – Plenty of prestige always accompanies the annual LegendStock INEX Asphalt Nationals qualifier at Bethel Motor Speedway, but this year’s event was particularly rewarding, with a $10,000 purse that offered $3,000 to the winner, making it the highest-paying Legends race in the Northeast. When the smoke cleared and the dust settled, Young Lions competitor Alex McCollum emerged as the winner of the coveted guitar trophy and big payday. While several of the Bethel Moor Speedway regulars put down fast lap times during practice, qualifying was dominated by “invaders” Carson Ferguson of North Carolina and Matt Mead of Pennsylvania,… Read More »
“WHERE ARE THEY NOW?” – FORMER LEGENDSTOCK MASTERS AND PRO WINNERS (8/4/2016) - BETHEL, NY – With mere hours remaining before the gates open for practice for this year’s Alliance Shippers’ LegendStock IX at Bethel Motor Speedway, we present the final installment of our “Where Are They Now?” series, taking a peek at what former Masters and Pro division drivers are up to now. MASTERS 2008, 2009, and 2010 – Tim Brockhouse – Tim has remained VERY active in Legends competition. In 2014, he finished fourth in national Masters division points, and was the MN state champion in the division. He collected the zMax Touring Series Masters division championship last year, and has… Read More »
“WHERE ARE THEY NOW?” – FORMER LEGENDSTOCK YOUNG LIONS AND SEMI PRO WINNERS (8/2/2016) - BETHEL, NY – As the days wind down in advance of this coming weekend’s Alliance Shippers’ LegendStock IX at Bethel Motor Speedway, we thought we’d take some time to see what some of the former guitar winners in the Young Lions and Semi Pro divisions are up to today. YOUNG LIONS: 2009 and 2010 – Dusty Summers – The only driver to win twice while in the Young Lions division can still be found in Legends competition, but now he is running in the Pro division, and taking in some road course action. Dusty is currently ranked 19th in Road… Read More »
ALLIANCE SHIPPERS’ LEGENDSTOCK IX PURSE HITS $10,000 (8/1/2016) - BETHEL, NY – With less than a week remaining before the prestigious Alliance Shippers’ LegendStock IX at Bethel Motor Speedway, it has been announced that the purse has now reached $10,000, officially making it the highest-paid Legends race in the Northeast. In addition to the unique three-foot guitar-shaped trophies that has become the trademark of the race which are awarded to all of the division winners – Pro, Masters, Semi Pro, and Young Lions – the overall race winner will collect a $3,000 payday. Second will pay $1,500, and third will pay $1,000. All drivers taking the green in the… Read More »
“WHERE ARE THEY NOW?” FORMER LEGENDSTOCK BANDOLERO WINNERS (7/13/2016) - BETHEL, NY – With Alliance Shippers’ LegendStock IX at Bethel Motor Speedway rapidly approaching on Saturday, August 6th, speedway management has decided to take a little time to look into where some of the past winners are. Over the next several weeks, we will be covering the Legends divisional winners that have stood in Victory Lane since the race’s inception back in 2008; today’s focus, however, will be on the Bandolero winners. 2008 – Matt Evans (Kirkwood, NY) – After securing his place in LegendStock history by winning the inaugural Bandolero feature event, Matt Evans went on to tackle the… Read More »
REGISTRATION OPENS FOR ALLIANCE SHIPPERS’ LEGENDSTOCK IX AT BETHEL MOTOR SPEEDWAY (7/6/2016) - BETHEL, NY – With just over four weeks remaining until one of the most exciting and highest-paying Legends races in the Northeast, Bethel Motor Speedway management announced today that registration is now open for Alliance Shippers’ LegendStock IX at Bethel Motor Speedway, scheduled for Saturday, August 6 (rain date: Sunday, August 7). Since its beginning, the race has drawn in more than 100 different drivers from up and down the East Coast, across the United States, and also from Canada. This is the ninth annual running of the prestigious event, which once again will be a 50-lap INEX Legends Asphalt… Read More »
August 1st, 2015 (8/2/2015) - LEGENDSTOCK 2015 A-MAIN FINISH (50 laps): 1. Teddy Hodgdon (YL) (Danbury, CT), 2. Raven Schrantz (P), 3. Joseph Graf (SP), 4. Brad Lowmaster (SP), 5. Dusty Summers (P), 6. Alex McCollum (YL), 7. Eric Hersey (P), 8. Mitchell Dowd (SP), 9. Joe Graf (M), 10. Chris Rogers (P), 11. Dylan Hoffman (SP), 12. Allan Pedersen (SP), 13. Richie Coy (M), 14. Joey Padgett (P), 15. Aidan Landauer (SP), 16. Jim Sylvester (M), 17. Mike Alcaro (P), 18. Eugene Drew (P), 19. Gillian Kirkpatrick (YL), 20. Rob Rafferty (P), 21. Artie Pedersen III (P), 22. Brandon DeBrakeleer (P), 23. Dave Riopelle… Read More »
REGISTRATION OPENS FOR ALLIANCE SHIPPERS’ LEGENDSTOCK 2015 AT BETHEL MOTOR SPEEDWAY (7/14/2015) - BETHEL, NY – Excitement for the Alliance Shippers’ LegendStock 2015 at Bethel Motor Speedway has been mounting over the past several weeks, and the speedway office announced this week that registration is officially open for the prestigious event. The race is scheduled for Saturday, August 1 (rain date Sunday, August 2), and will be preceded by a practice day on July 31. This year’s event will mark the eighth anniversary of the race, which consistently draws in some of the top talent from across the country to the quarter-mile asphalt oval in White Lake, New York. It will once again… Read More »
Aug 2nd, 2014 – LegendStock 2014 (8/2/2014) - LEGENDSTOCK 2014 A-MAIN FINISH (50 laps): 1. Trey Jarrell, 2. Stevie Johns, 3. Kyle Ellwood, 4. Matt Evans, 5. Richie Coy, 6. Joseph Graf, 7. Devin O’Connell, 8. Brendon Bock, 9. Artie Pedersen III, 10. Dave Riopelle, 11. Joey Ternullo, 12. Joe Graf, 13. Vinny Delaney, 14. Richie Davidowitz, 15. Tyler Truex, 16. Christian Eckes, 17. Carson Ferguson, 18. Mike Christopher Jr., 19. Dana DiMatteo, 20. Dylan Hoffman, 21. Collin Hoeffner, 22. Matt Maring, 23. Mike Alcaro, 24. Brad Lowmaster, 25. Courtney Lefcourt. DNQ – Gerad Miller, Stephen Hershey, Eugene Drew, Vinny Colletti, Jeffrey Lefcourt, John Beatty Jr., Kodie Conner,… Read More »

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