In the first of the twin BMS Modified features, pole sitter Stephen Kammer fought to hold his starting spot, as Joe DeGracia seized the position from the high side four laps in. The battle for second began between Kammer and Skip LaPolt, LaPolt executing a nice save as he narrowly avoided a spin and kept the race moving. Kammer held a steady second as laps wore on, LaPolt on his tail, until Blair Culhane made his move and captured LaPolt’s third place run. Culhane kept at it, nabbing the second place spot and setting his sights on DeGracia who was running an impeccable race. A late race caution proved no hurdle for DeGracia. Without looking back once since his takeover of the lead position, DeGracia took the checkered flag for the second time this season at the speedway, followed by a gallant Culhane and veteran driver John Cote who pulled off an excellent third.

The second BMS Modified feature proved to be Blair Culhane’s shining moment, as he was able to squeeze in on the low side of Stephen Kammer the first lap around and begin what would be an unblemished run to victory. John Cote was up for the challenge as he gained his momentum back and set his sights on the win. Cote, a multi time Bethel track champion, was able to stay with Culhane for just about the entire race. Joe DeGracia, winner of the first mod race of the night, was able to work his way up to third after having fallen back to sixth place at a point in the race, taking the high side of Kammer following restart. Culhane victoriously crossed the finish line, followed by hard charging veteran Cote, and DeGracia pulling off a hard earned third.

In the Sportsman feature, seasoned veteran driver Rick Mill proved to be the winning force. The race started out with Matt Curry and Eric Moon on the front row. Moon jumped out to the early lead and looked strong running in the top position. However, on lap 7, fifth place starting Rick Mill charged into the lead as he passed Moon. As Mill had to tend with lap traffic, he managed to avoid the close call spin of Connor Otten in turn four thus causing the yellow flag to come out. When the race restarted Mill managed to build up a sizeable lead as Moon continued to run second but third place was highly contested between Curry, Ed Dachenhausen, Paul Martin, and Jeff Richardson. On the last restart of the race, Richardson jumped into second as Moon slipped up the track opening the door for Ed Dachenhausen into third. At the checkers, Mill took home his first feature win of the season followed by Richardson and Dachenhausen.

Gillian Kirkpatrick hopped right into the lead of the Legends feature event, with Alex McCollum close behind and Chris Hammett establishing a solid third once the race was underway. Kirkpatrick and McCollum, both of whom have proven in their own ways a force to be reckoned with, ensued in a tire to tire run for the win. The battle remained tight as the halfway mark approached, with Kirkpatrick setting her sights on another Legends win. A spin in turn three involving Hammett resulted in minor incident, with other cars ending up in the minor tangle. This turn of events brought Brad Lowmaster to position three once the race resumed. Contact between leaders Kirkpatrick and McCollum ended Kirkpatrick’s reign of the Legends feature event, McCollum now taking over the lead and striking out for home. He picked up his fifth win of 2017 at Bethel, with Lowmaster crossing the line second and a flawless run by Peter Bennett in third.

In the Pro Stock feature, John Roese jumped out into the early lead in his Ford powered machine but it was short lived as veteran driver Jim Helt took over the point. Top gun Kenny Atkins was on a mission as he worked his way into second from his fifth starting position and began to dig into the lead of Helt. Atkins took advantage of a restart, as the field was receiving the halfway signal and made the winning move on Helt. Then, Helt and hard charger Ed Butler began a spirited battle for the second position. Butler made an outside pass stick on lap 13 and began to chase down leader Atkins but ran out of time. Atkins picked up his fourth checker of the year ahead of Butler and Helt.

In the holdover feature for the Pro Stocks found Vinny Stanton Sr. pacing the field in the early stages of the race. On Lap 6, Atkins was able to wrestle the lead away from Stanton. Atkins looked destined for another pro stock feature win, however top competitor Ed Butler proved otherwise as he was able to close in on the leader and apply pressure. On the last lap, Butler and Atkins had the crowd jumping and cheering for their drivers with Butler edging out Atkins with an end of race winning pass. Butler picked up his third feature win of the year followed Atkins. Jim Helt has a good run coming home third.

The fan favorite street stocks again put on a thrilling feature of action and by the end found a new winner in the class. Mario Contarino had the early lead but was overtaken by fourth place starting rookie Brian Bauerfeind. The caution quickly came out after Bauerfeind obtained the lead for a jingle that sent Gary VanOrden and Walt Henry to the back of the pack. Bauerfeind made no rookie mistakes on the ensuing restart and was flawless in opening up a sizeable lead. At the halfway point of the race current point leader Amber VanOrden came from deep in the field in her eleventh starting position to pass Contarino for second place. VanOrden began to reel in the leader Bauerfeind as Bill Deak Sr. worked his way into third position. In the final stages of the race, JB Morris was able to complete the pass on Deak Sr for third position. Bauerfeind took home his first career street stock feature win in dominating fashion followed by a rapidly closing in A. VanOrden and Morris holding on for a strong third place finish.

The Four Cylinder Expert feature proved to be a nail biter for many in attendance as it was an epic battle between proven four cylinder stars Shawn Maloney, Dan Curry, Tim Curry, and Mike Travis. Maloney really had to work for each lap he led as he was under heavy pressure for all thirteen laps that he was at the helm. After running door handle to door handle for several laps, Mike Travis was able to take command of the lead. Tim Curry and then Dan Curry were able to work into the second and third positions as the checkers fell but were unable to challenge Travis as he picked up his third feature win of the season.

Rookie Marcus Small jumped out into the early lead in the Four Cylinder Novice feature. Small led the first three laps of the event until another rookie Clifford Levinson got control of the lead, but that was short lived as Felicia Reichenbaugh made a pass for first place stick on Lap 5. Reichenbaugh looked strong leading many laps and holding off the pressure from Dan Houghtaling and then Nick Curry who both started deep in the field. On Lap 12, Curry got by Reichenbaugh for first position. Then eleventh place starting Robert Beach was able to patiently work his way up thru the pack and got by Reichenbaugh. Beach then set his sights for the leader Curry, as the cars entered turn 1. Beach dove to the inside but Curry quickly shut the door resulting on Beach jamming on the brakes. The cars were able to get side by side coming out of turn 2 and put on a spirited battle for the lead much to the fans delight. The race took a drastic change when Beach was forced out of the event and retiring to the pits. Nick Curry then held off a strong running Houghtaling and Reichenbaugh to pick up his second feature win of the season.

The Four Cylinder Novice feature proved to be the Vinny Degraw Show as he dominated the race, leading every lap en route to his first feature win of the season. Clifford Levinson held the runner up position for most of the race until five laps to go when Dan Houghtaling and Nick Curry passed him shuffling him out of the top three. At the finish line, Degraw was in cruise control as he picked up the victory followed by Houghtaling and Curry.

Mikey Roth and Anthony Bello were off to a rocket start as they pulled away from the rest of the field in the Bandolero feature event. It proved to be an intense door to door battle between both affluent drivers, as the lead fluctuated between the two. Meanwhile, Connor Piasecki and Joey Aungst put up the fight for position three, with Piasecki the eventual successor. Bello and Roth continued their exciting red hot run, until a caution involving Bello resulted in a crushing deviation to the rear of the field. Upon restart, it was all Roth as he rung in his fourth win this season at the speedway, with an uninterrupted Piasecki second, and in an impressive comeback from the rear, Bello topped it off in third.

Justin Aungst picked up his second win in the Beginner Bandolero divison as he and fellow budding driver Joey LaMontagne put some more laps under their belts in their Bandolero learning experience.

Modified Feature # 1: 1. Joe DeGracia (Lyndhurst, NJ) 2. Blair Culhane 3. John Cote 4. Tyler Dachenhausen 5. Stephen Kammer 6. Rob Konikowski 7. Skip LaPolt 8. Jim Fugel 9. Frank James

Modified Feature # 2: 1. Blair Culhane (Brookfield CT) 2. John Cote 3. Joe DeGracia 4. Skip LaPolt 5. Stephen Kammer 6. Frank James 7. Jim Fugel 8. Tyler Dachenhausen DNS: Rob Konikowski

Sportsman Feature: 1. Rick Mill (New Windsor, NY) 2. Jeff Richardson 3. Ed Dachenhausen 4. Kyle Redner 5. Mike Dutka 6. Matt Curry 7. Frank Jashembowski 8. Al Archiere 9. Eric Moon 10. Paul Martin 11. Dave Demorest 12. Connor Otten 13. Rich Coons

Legends Feature: 1. Alex McCollum (Philipsburg, NJ ) 2. Gillian Kirkpatrick 3. Peter Bennett 4. Steven Chapman 5. Gillian Kirkpatrick 6. Sean Verwys 7. Chris Hammett 8. Chuck Lohmeyer

Pro Stock Feature Holdover: 1. Ed Butler (Bethel, NY) 2. Kenny Atkins 3. Jim Helt 4. Vinny Stanton Sr. 5. John Roese 6. Art McArthur 7. Gene Morton 8. Rick Bradley

Pro Stock Feature: 1. Kenny Atkins (Grahamsville, NY) 2. Ed Butler 3. Jim Helt 4. John Roese 5. Gene Morton 6. Vinny Stanton Sr. 7. Rick Bradley 8. Kyle Welsch 9. Art McArthur DNS. Brent Shaddock

Street Stock Feature: 1. Brian Bauerfeind (Callicoon, NY) 2. Amber VanOrden 3. JB Morris 4. Bill Deak Sr. 5. Gary VanOrden Sr. 6. Mario Contarino 7. Larry O’Donnell 8. Jessica Ricci 9. Patty Falkena 10. Walt Henry 11. Shawn Maloney

Four Cylinder Expert Feature: 1. Mike Travis (Liberty, NY) 2. Tim Curry 3. Dan Curry 4. Shawn Maloney 5. John Houghtaling 6. Troy Morris 7. Joe Morris 8. Robert Clarke 9. Merlin Eveleth

Four Cylinder Novice Feature: 1. Nick Curry (Neversink, NY) 2. Dan Houghtaling 3. Felicia Reichenbaugh 4. Gene Helms 5. Cliff Levinson 6. Eddie Jones Jr. 7. Marcus Small 8. C. Houghtaling 9. Vinny Degraw 10. Nicole Nelson 11. Jessey Torrens 12. Tabitha Riordan 13. Robert Beach 14. George VanAken DNS: Justin Maher

Four Cylinder Novice Feature Holdover: 1. Vinny Degraw (Monticello, NY) 2. Dan Houghtaling 3. Cliff Levinson 4. Felicia Reichenbaugh 5. Nicole Nelson 6. Tabitha Riordan 7. Jessey Torrens 8. Eddie Jones Jr. 9. Marcus Small DNS. Marisol Torrens DNS. Brandon Golzak DNS. Greg Cohen DNS. Kayla Curry DNS. Danielle Curry

Bandolero Feature: 1. Mike Roth (North Branch, NY) 2. Conner Piasecki 3. Anthony Bello 4. Joey Aungst 5. Katie Verwys 6. Evan Rygielski 7. Teddy Cranmer 8. Brian Rygielski

Beginner Bandolero Feature: 1. Justin Aungst (Pompton Lakes, NJ) 2. Joey Lamontagne